One Day I Will...Cook Again!

One Day I Will...Cook Again!

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I have a good feeling that after this weekend I'll be able to take a deep breath and start cooking again. It's hard to cook when you are coming and going and you're never sure which way that is. 

Until I can get back into the kitchen with my beloved pots I'm going to just look a pictures of things that seem delicious. 

Remember all those magazines I told you I read? Oh you don't? Then you need to go back and read this blog...

As a Christmas present this year I had my mom subscribe me to several magazines. Southern Living. Food & Family. Cooking Light. Better Homes and Gardens. Actually I'm not sure how the Home and Gardens got put in the mix, but it has good stuff. 

Since I'm all packed for my trip I've been sitting and catching up on magazines. 

What have I found...Lots of goodies...

This is delightful to me and I've decided to make it. Not today. Not this week. But this month!

In the June 2011 Issue of Southern Living it included Fried Green Tomatoes. I've never cooked these. I love to eat these. Now I feel like I have to try these. Mmmmmm

Last but not least...Food & Family. What do they have to offer this month? Lemon-blueberry crumb bars
Getcha some. Getcha some now. If you get you some will you give me some??

That's just what I'm folding over, tearing out and hoping in the next month I can make the time to try...
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