Trick or Treat? Or Palm Readings?

Trick or Treat? Or Palm Readings?

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Hi Marilyn! 

Saturday night was full of Halloween costumes, friends and Banjo the Palm Reader. My friend Suzanne had a Halloween party at her house. I'm a fan of house parties when it comes to Halloween. It's easy, laid back, and you can still have a great time.

For the fun and festivities, she asked a guy named Banjo to come read palms. I've had my palm read once before, some of the things were spot on so I decided to do it again. Now I'm wondering if that was a good idea. When someone reads your palm, no matter what you believe, it will put things in your head. Ideas. Situations. People. You start to think about it all.

Even if everything is 'written' as Banjo said, It's still odd to for someone to tell you specific things that relate to your life.

So, What did Banjo tell me?

  •  I have an old soul.
  • There was a star in my hand that shows I have a guardian angel. He said that I've had this angel for a   very long time in my life. 
  • I will die far away from where I was born. (I was born in the country of Panama.)
  • I have a temper. I've learned how to control it, but when the temper is not controlled, it can be very strong. 
  • I've had someone somewhat control my life up until now (could be my mother. sorry mom) but I will soon regain complete control over my life. 
  • I will change professions in the next two years.
  • By the time I'm 40 I will be working in the public in some way.
  • There will be a big decision coming up in my life soon, I'll make the right decision, but it will be a big one.
  • There will be a change in my sleep in the next 45 days. Whether I move, or change rooms, there will be a change. 
  • He specially mentioned going to school and named UALR. Even if I feel like quitting or if I'm discouraged, to keep going. It will be good for me in the long run. 
  • Apparently I have a rebel spirit to do what I want to do.
  • I'm also independent. I like things the way I like them. I like my space the way I like it. 
  • He also mentioned headaches and high cholesterol which freaked me out because I've been having issues with both recently. He told me that many times my headaches are from stress and I need to continue to exercise. 
  • Never trust a guy with a club thumb. This would be killer for me. (That's not scary or anything...)
Now for the parts that made me tear up - 

Banjo started to discuss my 'loves' in my life. Apparently I will have three. He asked had I been married before, I said, no, but that I had a serious relationship for a number of years. He said that was considered my first love. 

When he started to discuss my first 'love' I began to tear up. He described how hurt it left me, how there was a severe trust issue in the relationship, I would see a side of this person that others didn't, at times I was scared, I was never happy and how now I have problems trusting guys. That I've probably turned down a lot of goods ones because of the things from the first 'love' relationship. 

Hard not to tear up after that. 

Was he right? Yes. He was. I'm not sure if he could just sense it or what, but he was pretty spot on when it came to that. 

Good news though, there will be another love. This one will last. It will be a great love that will last. 

So we will see... 

He also said that he doesn't see a 'white knight' in my future but more of a 'cowboy' type that has the boots, truck and can handle me. 

Nothing like looking forward to the future... 
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