Fa La La - Tis the Season!

Fa La La - Tis the Season!

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Between final papers and being crazy busy at work, I've had a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. I knew it would show up at some point, but I just wasn't sure when. This weekend, I found it! Or it found me. Christmas shopping and Christmas lights seemed to have done the trick. 

On Sunday night a small group of friends headed to Garven Gardens in Hot Springs, AR, to see all the lights.  

Melody and I hanging out in the lights.

We got a little creative.

Diane and Melody
(Good to see you again, Diane)

You could even ring the train bell!

I got a little lazy and sat down.

Melody and Julie in front of the gingerbread house.

All the ladies!

Another group shot!

A little camera effect...

Even though I found my holiday cheer a little late, I'm so happy it's finally came. This week will be wrapping presents, making pies (stayed tuned for that mess) and heading home. 

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