Things To Do Besides Writing Papers

Things To Do Besides Writing Papers

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Clark Christmas 2011
By May 15, 2012, I will have written three papers that will be: 25 pages, 15 pages, 20 pages; Finished two case study assignments; and finished a final. So you would think that I would be less worried about playing on iPhone apps, and more concerned with all of this writing I have to do. You would think that, right?
Well, no. The free app, 'Pic Stitch' lets you put all your pictures in your phone together for collage. 
This happens to be a lot more fun than writing papers. 

Please enjoy all of my collages. 
Out and about - lots of these pics are old...
Oh, Wythe.
A little old school for you.
My sweet friend, Tiffy

My newest distraction... who needs to write papers anyway?
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