As Our Lives Change Come Whatever, We Will Still be Friends Forever

As Our Lives Change Come Whatever, We Will Still be Friends Forever

Growing up and becoming an adult is fun. and hard. and fun. and hard. But when you still have the friends you had when you were five, it's fun. This past weekend my friend Sara, who I have talked about here, had her wedding shower/party. It was like a mini-reunion from our high school group of girls. 

Maegan Clark - Southern Blondie
Amanda, Heather, Sara, Maggie and Me.

Though we were missing a couple of friends (Miss you Marion & Dru!) we were happy to all be together. 

There isn't one memory growing up that doesn't involve one of these girls. We rode around together, fought together, took up for each other, shopped together, and so much more. When we are together now, it's like nothing has changed but everything has changed. We all lead different lives, in different towns, but we all have one thing in common. We are all friends. 

Heather and her boyfrand, Jason. 

Hi sweet couple! 

Maggie and her husband, Blake

They just had a baby girl. She's precious! 

Sara and two of her college friends. 

Lovely ladies! 

Maegan Clark - Southern Blondie
Maggie and I. 

Do you know how many pictures I have of us? 

About a thousand.

Sara and her sweet fiance, Scott. 

This guy is funny. Sara did good. She did really good. 

We had to end the night on a sassy side. 

It's just what we do.

Moral of the story? Keep in touch with the friends. They know you the best, forgive you the quickest, and love you the most. 
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  2. Sorry I missed the party. Crazy how small this world really is. I found this article while looking for a meme for my "happily ever after" friendships!
    -Allison Haigwood Cameron


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