Where Oh Where Have the Blog Posts Gone?

Where Oh Where Have the Blog Posts Gone?

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I'm sorry. I've been a terrible blogger, but I have good reasons! 

School has started. My iPhone is a 3GS. I've been sick. 

How does any of that matter to be being a bad blogger?

Well, over the weekend, I celebrated two friends birthdays. Watched the hogs game. And went to a wedding. From all of that I only have one picture that I stole from a friend of our high school group. 

You see, if I would finally upgrade my phone, or if they would come out with an iPhone 5, then I could have a flash and take lots of pictures all the time to blog about. 

This makes me a bad blogger. 

I got home Monday late afternoon from a fun weekend when, BAM. I did not feel well. Allergies, dehydration, exhaustion are all things that usually combine to make me not feel well. I woke up Tuesday morning unable to even move. Slept all day, slept all night. Went to work on Wednesday, went home after a meeting and slept all night. By Thursday, I had had it. I couldn't take it. I went to the doctor to which I had a sinus infection, sore throat and cough. Lovely. 

After a shot, antibiotics, and cough medicine, I hope to be back to life and blogging. 

Forgive me for being a terrible blogger. 
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