Africa: On My Way

Africa: On My Way

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Packing for Africa was a lot easier than I thought it would be. In 16 days, I'm visiting three countries: Kenya, Zambia and South Africa. All which require different clothing. Why am I going to Africa? I work for an international nonprofit that works to end hunger and poverty. On this trip, we're going to see projects in Kenya and Zambia and go to a conference in South Africa. 

Here's the chaos...

Now it's somewhat organized. 

I did well, I didn't pack like a girl like I usually do. Once everything was packed it was just time to wait to go to sleep to wake up Wednesday morning to leave.

After leaving Little Rock, we flew to Atlanta where we had about a four hour layover. During this stop, I watched a family all in matching shirts and sunglasses. I'm not really sure how I feel about families who travel with matching t-shirts. 

Sometimes when all you can do is wait, all you can do is wait.

After a nine hour flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam, we only had about an hour in the airport before the next flight to Nairobi. The airport has tulips all around and even a shop to purchase the flowers. 

The picture is blurry because I was walking. I"ll get better at this one day. 

There is also a museum in the airport with a local exhibition called, "Dutch Boys." Renaissance art really isn't my favorite, but I try to appreciate it for it's history. 

As I was waiting for the plane for Nairobi, I pulled out a kit-kat in my purse. Poor thing didn't make it that well, however, it was still delicious. 

Stay tuned... more travel stories coming soon. 
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