I'm Feeling 27!

I'm Feeling 27!

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I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 27... And I know that it will all be okay, because I have all of you! The fact that I'm 27 today is a little strange, I'm always surprised every year when I make it another year. Blessed, thankful, happy, so many things that can describe how I feel about my life. 

Maegan Clark

For a little fun I came up with these 27 facts about my birthday, because don't you always want to know more about someone? No? I'm sharing anyway! 

27 Facts on my 27th Birthday! 

1. I was born in Panama 
2. I've always been terrified of cottage cheese. 
3. At times I am extremely, extremely shy. At other times, I am extremely, extremely loud. 
4. When I get nervous, I either bite the side of my thumb or scratch my collarbone. 
5. I practice ballet moves when I'm home alone. 
6. My dream job is my actual job, but if I couldn't do that I would want to bake pies and be a cardio kick boxing instructor. 
7. I couldn't live without my iPhone 5.
8. One of my favorite things to do is read a stack of magazines. 
9. I like to make my accent thicker at times just to make people curious. 
10. I love tacos more than a person should. 
11. 27 is my "scary" age. 
12. I couldn't be happier than where I am right now in life. 
13. My patents are turning into my best friends (now) in life.
14. I can honestly say I have no regrets on any decision that I've made. 
15. I love anything with a monogrammed "M" 
16. Some might call me a hoarder - but I have a hard time throwing away a lot of things like magazines, or cards, or clothes. 
17. I could eat spicy food every meal. 
18. I have two accents - Southern and VERY Southern! 
19. Summer and fall are my two favorite seasons. 
20. I am terrified of driving in the rain. 
21. I really like to save money. 
22. One day I want to run a half-marathon. 
23. I can barely run 3 miles right now. 
24. I really want to go to Italy one day. 
25. Actually, I would settle for Napa. 
26. Actually, I would settle for a box of wine. 
27. Champagne is my favorite drink. 

There you have it ... 27 of the most random facts about me that you could ever want to know. 

What's on the agenda for my birthday? Lunch with my parents, getting a new drivers license  class and drinks with friends! Tomorrow I'm headed to Nashville for Country Music Festival! Let the fun of being 27 begin! 
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