Easy Fried Egg and Hash Brown Bowl

Easy Fried Egg and Hash Brown Bowl

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 If you're going to make anything this weekend, you need to make my fried egg and hash brown brunch bowl. I like to call it brunch because when I cook on the weekends it's always around 11 a.m. This is perfect for the weekends, snow days, dinner or anytime you just want something delicious. 

I consider this the Sandra Lee of brunches. It's half homemade, half store bought but completely delicious. 

You could dice a lot of potatoes then cut up some onions and peppers, or you could grab this bag from Ore Ida in the frozen section. 

(Just grab this bag and make your life easier.)

Add some oil to your pan and saute. I like to still keep it figure friendly so adding oil to say 'saute' seems much healthier. 

You will want an avocado on this dish. 

Slice and dice it however you wish.

(Try not to rhyme)

I like my eggs over easy but this part can be your preference. 

Last thing to do is plate! 

Hash browns first. 
Eggs second. 
Toppings may include: 
Avocado (DO IT) 
Cheese would also be delicious
Hot sauce would be an added bonus 

Happy brunching! 

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1 comment

  1. Look recipe looks super yummy! I love trying new and exciting recipes! My husband loves spicy food, so he will add the hot sauce :)


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