Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Acne Wash

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Acne Wash

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Ahhh... skin. It’s really hard to show the things you’re most embarrassed about. It’s even harder when it’s on your face for everyone to see.

For anyone who has struggled with blemishes and acne you know how hard it is to look at your skin and feel confident. It's even harder not to obsess, or pick, or hide so no one sees.

Even though I was lucky growing up with clear skin, in my late 20’s the hormonal breakouts and clogged pores started to really break my face out. The breakouts became so bad that I wasn’t going out with friends, doing normal things and it even started to take a toll on my confidence. In my mind, my skin was the only thing people could see and I couldn't see past it. I would wear more and more makeup trying to cover it up, only to know that I was wearing a pound of makeup. (Again, not great for your facial skin...)

Thankfully, I found something that's really made a HUGE difference in my skin... Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Acne Wash

Most problems in my skin were happening when I wasn’t washing my face consistently at night, traveling a lot or that, um, 'fun' time of the month. When I did some research and found the philosophy clear days ahead acne wash I had hope again! It was exactly what I was needing to clean up my bad habits. 

Since using this facial wash, I have had minimum outbreaks. (Hormones are hormones after all...) After using the wash for about a week my outbreaks were clearing up dramatically, and my pores became so much smaller. 

How I Use it: 

  • If I workout after work, I make sure to pack some Purity Facial Wipes to use after I leave the gym to take off any makeup or sweat. 

Thanks to my new clean skin routine, I see nothing but clear days ahead!

Where to buy with FREE shipping & returns!

Let me know if you have any questions. I put my name and my life behind these products. Check out my #BeautyBeliever posts on Philosophy's Facebook page. 

as a philosophy brand ambassador/ "beauty believer", i have recieved free Philosophy products in exchange for writing reviews. all opinions expressed and content are my own. This post was of my own decision to promote because I believe in them so strongly. 

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1 comment

  1. Just bought this set from Amazon and looking forward to trying it next week. Now that you've been using it for a few months, how's your skin? Mine is very hormonal I've noticed. I've tried everything, including three rounds of Accutane, which worked for a couple of years but then right back to breakout city.


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