Eyelash Extensions: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Eyelash Extensions: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Over a year ago, I was asked by a beauty salon owner in Little Rock if I would be interested in getting free eyelash extensions. She needed a volunteer to take before and after photos for her website. It seemed like a great deal to me - free eyelash extensions for just letting someone take a picture of my eyes before and after? DONE.

Here's the thing... when things are 'free' and 'new' it's best to do a little homework about what this means for your lashes.

Before and after eyelash extensions

Here's my personal before & after... on the left, you will see that my lashes are VERY blonde and you cannot tell their length without a lot of mascara and continually curing them throughout the day. 

The transformation was dramatic and amazing. No need to apply mascara, your lashes look incredible, you feel amazing, and you wonder why you had never gotten eyelash extensions before this moment in your life. It took about two hours total to do both eyes and you have to be very, very still. The glue that is used to adhere the fake lash to your real lash can make your eyes water, and even burn. (Ask what type of glue your lash expert uses before you allow them to apply anything.)

pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Then comes the part no one wants you to know... the lashes start to fall out after a couple of weeks. The fake ones, and your real ones. If you were to pay for this, it would easily cost between $150-200 for the first set. Refills cost around $75-125 and you need to have them done every 2-3 weeks. That's a lot of money to have these types of lashes if you start adding it up. 

After I decided that I didn't want to get them refilled again, I researched how to get them removed or let them fall out. Now, DO NOT DO WHAT I DID... if you get extensions, go back to your lash expert and let them remove them. Do not believe anything that is on the internet on how to remove them yourself. Stem, oil, none of the tips online work. 

eyelash extension damage
My lashes after the lash extensions were removed with one coat of a regular mascara.

What's going to happen once you get them removed is that you will notice a lot of your natural lashes have fallen out or are VERY short. I cried for almost two weeks because my original lashes were long once mascara was applied and after removing the extensions my lashes were very short. 

Once I stopped crying, I researched and bought neuLASH. Again, I was skeptical of spending $100 for lash serum, but I read a lot of reviews and people seemed to see results. 

After a YEAR, and still using the same bottle of neuLASH (it seriously last forever and I've had NO irritations from using it) my lashes look 10x better! My lashes are thicker, longer and all I have to do is apply a coat or two of mascara and I'm out the door. 

how to grow eyelashes naturally

Will I ever try extensions again? Nope. Not even if I was paid to have them. It's not worth it in the long run. 

If you want your lashes to stand out, consider trying neuLASH, trying a thickening mascara, or researching a 'Lash Lift and Tint.' I'm actually going to try it next week... stay tuned to see what a Lash Lift and Tint looks like before and after! 

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  1. I've always heard horror stories about eye lash extensions! I'm glad you found a product to help your eyelashes grow back stronger!

    1. Thank you! By the way, big fan of your blog and style! Been a long time follower!

  2. I've heard horror stories and success stories from lash extensions... I don't think I'll be giving them a try anytime soon though!


  3. Oh my gosh I didn't realize they were that expensive! They look good, but I definitely would not go through that, and ruin my natural lashes for that price! Thanks for writing this post otherwise I'd have no idea!

    xoxo, Sam | thehauntedhousewife.com

  4. I never knew much about these before reading your post. Luckily I'm blessed enough to have long eyelashes that are fab with a little help from mascara!

  5. I had a set done for free as well and I absolutely loved how they looked. I didn't get a super dramatic set, so when they started falling out, they still blended fine with my own lashes once I had some mascara on. I did find it annoying when it got down to the last few stray lashes left and I started picking them at that point, which did make a few of my own lashes fall out. It sucks that you had a bad experience, I did like mine a lot though!

  6. I recently did extensions for my wedding. While it was fun for the night, over time as the lashes fell out, I felt like it looked cray cray! And I wasn't a fan of extensions in my eye. While it was fun...I'm not never again lol

  7. I've only heard scary things about the results of lash extensions! Yes they look beautiful for a while, but it's not worth it in my book to have my own natural lashes damaged!!


  8. This was great – thanks so much for sharing such an awesome post! I’d love for you to

    check out my latest post on time management tips for Girl Bosses!

    xo Annie

  9. I've been thinking about getting extensions, and have been wearing false eyelashes for photoshoots and events. Thanks for these tips! This will definitely influence my decision.

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  10. I am so on the fence about eyelash extensions. I know so many people who have them, and have great experiences, but I'm worried something will go wrong. I already have very long lashes, and I don't want to ruin them. But extensions are so beautiful! Oh, the indecision! lol

  11. I love the idea of eyelash extensions, but the cost of them is what holds me back. These are some awesome tips though!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  12. I love eyelash extensions , Ive had them for so long!! I need to get them done again soon


  13. My friend recently got eyelash extensions and I was so excited for her to try them out because I have been looking into them but she absolutely hated them because of how her lashes looked afterward. I was secretly happy she was the guinea pig though because now I know for sure I don't want to try them. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  14. My mother in law is addicted to her eyelash extensions, she gets them redone every 1-2 weeks. It must cost a fortune! I've always stayed clear and I'm glad I did now, the temporary ones are good enough for a special occasion.

  15. Haha I hear ya girl! I have such mixed feelings towards them. I love the way they look, but the fact that they damage your natural ones kills the entire process. (Some of my natural lashes fell out when I took them out.)

    Sara Kate Styling

  16. I see eyelash extensions popping up so often now, but I definitely think they are not worth the time and money.

  17. I've never had lash extensions, so this is good to know!

  18. Neulash is a great product and I am glad you found it and it helped you out! This is a great post that more women should see as I think many don't know the risks involved with getting their lashes done!



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