Back to School for Millennials

Back to School for Millennials

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It's time to go back to school! Except, well... I'm not in any kind of 'formal' education. As in I don't go to a class for a grade to pursue a degree. That doesn't stop me from continuing to learn, though. As a 'millennial' I've noticed that all of my friends who are finished with formal education still have a desire to keep learning something to better themselves. 

I actually really liked going to school. College and grad school were both fun to me. Since I'm not going back to school for another formal degree (two master's degrees is enough for me) I had to find another way to keep learning to keep growing.

So... I started taking Spanish lessons via Skype! Because I was bi-lingual as a child and have studied on and off through the years, I found a great Spanish professor who lives in Nicaragua. Once a week we have a lesson and after she sends me homework. It's a been so much fun re-learning a language and keeping my brain active.

This is my office area where I take skype lessons and practice my Spanish homework. It's a nice desk but it's missing one thing when it comes to a study area...

It's missing a printer.

Because I needed to print off Spanish study guides and homework from my professor, it was time to go shopping for a printer. So, naturally, I headed to Walmart because they have the best options at the best prices. 

When it came to shopping for a printer I had a few 'must-haves':

1. I wanted one that was wireless so I could print from any device in any room. 
2. I wanted one that was pretty.
3. I wanted one that wouldn't waste a lot of ink and had reasonable ink refill prices. 

After checking out all of the different ones Walmart had to offer, the best option for me was the HP All-in-One Printer 3636. It was less than $50, included a black and color cartridge and was wireless. It also came in three different colors of red, purple and blue. Since it's back to school season (which in the South means college football season) I picked the red. 

Now, this looks like a complete study area! 

Setting up electronics isn't really my favorite thing to do. Usually, there are a lot of programs or papers to go through to make sure you're setting it up correctly and somehow I always miss an important step. However, HP made this SUPER simple for the setup.

I also really appreciated there was no wasted packaging in the box. Just pull our the printer, remove the clear wrapping and you're halfway there. Next, you will see some blue tape that you just pull down and a box comes out with two cartridges, power cable, and optional computer cable. You also receive a setup manual and CD if needed.  

The print cartridges easily snap in. Here's a little fact about this printer that I like, the color cartridge is all one cartridge. Have you seen those other printers that you have to buy a red, blue and yellow for all separately? It's expensive and it's a hassle. This is just one cartridge and you're done. It saves time and money which is important to me.

If you're like me, you like doing everything online even downloading the software for the printer. Just visit the website listed in the setup manual and a few clicks of a button and you're ready to get started. 

It's as simple as downloading the software, connecting your new printer to your wifi and you're all set.

That's it. That's really it.

When you're printer is connected it even congratulations you! 

Next came downloading the HP All-in-One-Printer Remove app on my phone. You can download this for all of your devices so it doesn't matter which device you are on or which room, just download, print and you're good to go.

Within the app, you can print, scan and capture documents. Do you know how handy this is??

Now, I may not be going back to school for a formal education, but my boyfriend (we've been together for over three years & now live together) is currently starting his third year of law school this fall. He took classes all summer which means a lot of study time around the house. 

Because he likes to study on the couch, the printer lets him study where he wants and still have an easy way to print his outlines and guides. Most of the time he gets an email with an outline from a fellow law student (they all share outlines) and he can just print right from his phone.

If you have a roommate, partner, friend, family member, etc., this printer is perfect for everyone to use. It can be located anywhere in your house and everyone is able to use it from their computer, phone, or tablet when they need to print something. It also doesn't take up a lot of room which is nice when you're in a small space like us right now.

Believe me, studying for law school means you are printing out A LOT of paper. The HP All-in-One Printer 3636 is great because it is so resourceful on the ink. We haven't even had to go buy more ink once since getting this printer! 

For me, it's been super handy to work on my Spanish homework and take a screen shot to upload my work to send it to my professor.

Also, I LOVE to lay in bed and study, shop online, look up recipes, etc. Instead of having to go to another room to hook my computer up to a printer, I just press print and I know it's there when I go to get it later.

Sometimes you'll wonder if it actually printed because it's so quiet - but don't worry, it did.

Once I have my homework from my professor I print it out. 

Want to work on your Spanish verb conjugation? Print out this guide my professor sent me. 


 After I write out sentences in Spanish, verb conjugations, or work on my spelling, I scan the document to send back to my professor so she can see my work. 

Click here if you're interested in learning more about the HP All-in-One Printer 3636. Click here to shop for it at Walmart.

Are you going back to school this year or is someone that you know? If you're not but you are still learning in one way or another, what do you study? 

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  1. This printer looks awesome and so easy to use!

  2. I also have a wireless printer--I think it makes a huge difference! The less cords, the better.

    Michelle |

  3. I'm in the market for a printer, so this post couldn't have come at a better time! So cool that you're learning Spanish! My dad is from Honduras and came to the states when he was 15, but I'm not fluent. I have been taking classes for 5 years though!

    Cristina /

  4. I love HP printers and I definitely second you on the idea of continuing to learn new things. Even though I finished my Master's I still like to take trainings and continually learn about new concepts out there. Great post!

  5. I have and love this printer too! So cool to be taking Spanish. I took it in high school and college but I don't remember much of it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. I LOVE the color on that printer. You don't usually see colorful printers! We use our printer a lot for printing photos, so it is really cool that this one is resourceful on the ink.

  7. So fun how you're taking Spanish class! I really like that red printer!
    -Anna |

  8. Having a wireless printer is such a major thing for me! I love being able to work remotely and print something whenever I need it! Such a cute printer too!

  9. I used to be so great at Spanish! I took classes for 9 years, but it never fully stuck with me. I don't know if I'll ever go back to it since starting Italian in college (and loving it more!)


  10. Your spanish lessons sound like so much fun! Good luck with it!

    Greta |

  11. How cool is that!! I love Hp, sounds like you have a lot of fun doing Spanish!

  12. This looks like an awesome printer! I REALLY need to buy a new printer, so this sounds like a winner to me!

  13. I love printing things out, sounds weird, but it's true! I just made my bf go buy one with me, because after not having access to one for 2 months I was going a little crazy!
    xo, Laura

  14. All I have to say is I am SO GLAD I am not going back to school. I've been out for a few years now, which makes me feel old, but I don't care. DONE with school haha! xx Adaleta Avdic

  15. I have an HP printer and I love it! Also this is making me so sad that school is around the corner! Wahhh!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  16. I love your office space and having a printer is so helpful.

  17. I definitely need to invest in a printer and now I think I'm eyeing this one, the points you mentioned are great! I love that you're taking your education into your own hands, good luck with Spanish!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan


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