Review: Trunk Club Styling Service

Review: Trunk Club Styling Service


It's Trunk Club time! If you haven't seen my posts before here's a little recap: 

Trunk Club, owned by Nordstrom, is a personalized clothing service that delivers clothing, accessories, and shoes to your door in a cute box. There is a new, initial styling fee of $25 that goes towards the cost of any item you may buy from the trunk. 

After you signup, you're assigned a personalized stylist. This is the best part to me - you have your own stylist who will chat with you via the Trunk Club app, online, phone or email. My favorite way to talk to my stylist is via the app. Your stylist will ask you a bunch of questions of your style, what you're looking for and what events are coming up.

Trunk Club Review

This month I requested a fall trunk from my stylist because fall weather in Arkansas is really like a cooler summer. I wanted pieces that could transition from summer to fall, from work to happy hour, and classic yet pretty. 

Let's go through the trunk! 

FRAME 'Le High Skinny' High Rise Crop Jeans Sterling - $165 (on sale!)
Joie 'Anatase B' Floral Print Sleeveless Silk Top - $198  
First up: My stylist sent me these Frame jeans. I don't mind the holes in the knees, but since I just bought two pairs of Paige jeans these are going to go back.

She also sent me the Joie top that I love, because I oddly love florals. Overall I really like both pieces. This top would be great with jeans, or tucked into a skirt with a jacket. 

Vince Camuto Zip Front Tweed Suit Jacket - $179

I am OBSESSED with this Vince Camuto Tweed Jacket. When I realized that there was a matching skirt I became even more obsessed. A Chanel-inspired outfit that makes me feel like Chanel from Scream Queens and Coco Chanel at the same time? HOW COULD I NOT buy this jacket? I am a bit bummed they didn't include the skirt, I could order it separately but it's so hard to tell if I'm going to be a cute Chanel, or look like a grandma at church. 

Chealsea28 Print Shift Dress - $119
Mary Jane Pump by Charles by Charles David - $65

So, I LOVE the cut and shape of this Chealsea28 shift dress but the print is not for me. 

But these nude, Mary Jane pumps by Charles by Charles David were surprisingly adorable and comfortable. 

Kate Spade Stripe Please Silk Skirt - $368
This photo is a lot cuter than how I felt when I tried on this Kate Spade skirt. Pleats can be hard, and with the price tag of these pleats this skirt just had to go back. 
Bye bye, pleat pleats.

Eliza J Off the Shoulder Top - $98

My stylist also sent me this Eliza J top that would be perfect if I wasn't so long in the torso. Sometimes normal tops can feel like crop tops so I have to be careful to buy shirts that are a little bit longer. As sexy as my muffin top is, no one needs to see it. 

Felicity and Coco Shift Dress - $88

LOVE this dress! I had no idea how much I would love this Felicity & Coco purple dress, but it's so pretty! Simple and classic is very much my style. After trying on this dress I want to venture out into a few more into the new world of deep purple. 
Trouve Tuxedo Jacket - $119 
If we'd like to talk about major obsessions let's talk about this Trouve Tuxedo jacket. This is a piece that I would have never picked out or tried on, but after I did, I was in love. This jacket is fitted perfectly, looks good with skirts, dresses, and jeans. If only it would get cooler in Arkansas so I could wear it!

Dolce Vita Over the Knee Boot (on sale!)

Hi, thigh-highs! I requested a pair of thigh high boots because ... because I wanted a pair. These Dolce Vita boots have a great heel but are also really comfortable. They did go back though because I have my eye on another pair right now, and since I'm on a budget, I can't keep it all. 

Trunk Club Review Final Thoughts

Trunk Club is really great for my lifestyle. As someone who loves to shop but tends to buy some of the same things over and over again, I get into fashion ruts. Telling someone else what I like and then getting those items along with new, interesting pieces is a big pro to me. 

There is a cost of $25 to receive a trunk, but honestly, it's worth it to me. I'm able to speak to someone about what I like/need/want, she sends me 10 items in the mail that I can try on in the comfort of my own home? The $25 is a convenience fee that I will happily pay. 

Also, if you buy anything then the $25 is just credited to your total. Win-win. 

If you're thinking about signing up, please use my referral link. Trust me, this is the best clothing service out there. 

Trunk Club Referral Link:  
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  1. This is a cool service and they sent you some great looks! I love the jacket! It looks fab on you :)

  2. I love the Chanel-esque jacket and the dark purple dress! So cute!
    -Anna |

  3. ooh I love the tweed jacket! I'm all about that texture for fall and winter, so chic x

  4. I have heard of Trunk Club before but never tried it!

  5. Love the jacket and that first floral top! So cute.

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. This is really cool! How fun to get all these clothes sent to try out! I love it!

  7. Never heard of this service! Sounds great. The tweed jacket and the OTK boots are amazing!

    Alix |

  8. I've never heard of Trunk Club, sounds like a great service! That floral top is my favorite!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  9. I love that tweed jacket. All of the other items are super cute too!

    Greta |

  10. Well this is cool! I need to check this out.

  11. I've never heard of Trunk Club but it looks like you received some fabulous pieces! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  12. wow, I've never heard of trunk club but I'm a huge nordstrom shopper so I'm going to have to look into this...especially because they sent you boots - so awesome! x, nicole ≫

  13. This is awesome!! I love all of the items you received!

  14. This really is the coolest concept! Thanks so much for sharing. The pieces are so cute!! :)


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