Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July Canoeing down Spring River!

The 4th of July is my third favorite holiday right behind Christmas and my birthday. There's something about celebrating your freedom in the summertime that just feels right. For the second year in a row, we went canoeing down Spring River in Mammoth Springs, AR. 

We stayed at the Southfork Resort last year and again this year. It's a great little spot with clean cabins, lots of outdoor space and they make it really easy to rent kayaks, canoes and rafts. 

We had seven people in a six bedroom cabin - All we did was sleep in the cabin so it wasn't bad. 

The cabins have a little kitchen with a sink, stove, microwave and table. They also have tv with cable in case you want to watch tv. Cell phone reception is spotty but that's OK - I didn't really want to be on my phone anyway. 

We kayaked on Friday (no photos because taking my phone seemed a bit dangerous) but it was a 12-mile kayak trip where it ended up raining pretty hard on us at one point. Though it was fun! 

On Saturday we all went canoeing down the Spring River.  

As soon as we got on the river we took a little break - to grab a drink ... or two. 

It was pretty much all smiles throughout the day. Though a couple of the guys tipped over once, everyone made it through deadman's curve with ease. Though we did see a couple of arguments on the river from people who tipped... 

We stopped for lunch by a camping area and even enjoyed some Bray Gourmet turkey spread! 

It's soooooooo good. On crackers, on a sandwich, even just with chips. It's really that good. 

We got on the river around 11 I believe and floated and canoed until 6 that evening. It was a long day - but a really fun day. 

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July like we did! 

(We (or mainly I) roasted s'mores both nights but forgot to snap a picture! They were too good not to eat immediately! 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beach Getaway: Hilton Head, South Carolina

The second week of my birthday week extravaganza, I went to Hilton Head, SC, with one of my best friends Melissa from Atlanta. We decided that we needed a girls trip to the beach. Hilton Head is a five-hour drive from Atlanta so it made sense to us to head that way! 

This is a picture I sent out via SnapChat of the gorgeous view we had from our room. We stayed at the Sonesta Hotel. It's a lovely hotel that's right on the beach. 

The Hilton Head beach was CLEAN and GORGEOUS. 

Melissa and I enjoying our first day walking on the beach. 

The beach at sunset was also gorgeous. There was a guy who played the guitar on the beach, kids running to find seashells and lots of couples walking up and down the beach. 

I, of course, just found a happy spot to sit in to sip my white wine that I and brought with me while the sun went down. 

The first night we went to dinner at The Fabulous Frankie Bones. It's a wonderful steakhouse that was only about 10 minutes from our hotel. 

This was the Caprese salad that dreams are made of. 

I kept busy on SnapChat (username: maeganclark) the entire time on the trip! 

Our second night we went to a restaurant called CQ's Restaurant. It's the first restaurant built on the island. There's even a rumor of a blue woman ghost that roams the area... 

CQ's Restaurant also gave us a couple of Moscow Mules. Very sweet of them! 

Though you can't tell what this is - it's oysters with butter, parmesan cheese and a lot of other delicious things. 

If there is a caprese salad that's what I am getting! 

For dinner we had a ahi tuna that I forgot to take a picture of because it was so good we just dug right in. 

Our last day we went to eat at a local spot that had the BEST GUMBO I have ever eaten! 

Saturday night we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta called JCT Kitchen and Bar. This drink was called the "Pursuit of Happiness."It was a gin martini with basic and other things. 

The face you make when you drink all your happiness. 

JCT Kitchen and Bar has some of the BEST food - this was a steak tuna tartare and a pimento cheese with crackers. 

One of JCT Kitchen and Bar's best food item is their truffle & parmesan fries. They are so good. Every time I go to Atlanta I have to have these fries. 

That was our trip! We had a great time and it was sad for it to end. 

On to the next one! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

All About Philosophy's Purity Made Simple-Clean Mask

When I heard that Philosophy was introducing a Purity Mask to their skin care collection I became overly excited since their other products work so well on my skin. Other masks either cause breakouts or dryness; sometimes they are so harsh that my skin actually peels! (Attractive, right?) So I had very high hopes for the Philosophy Purity Mask after reading that it was gentle enough to use everyday.

The first time I tried this mask was at night after washing my face with the Purity Facial Wash. It doesn’t take much product to cover your skin and as soon as it turns white you know it’s working! My skin felt fresher and tighter after I used it for the first time, but I wasn’t entirely sold. After all, I know that many times masks can make your skin dry out or in my case, peel.  The mask is light, has no mask-like smell and didn’t cause any irritation. Though the directions say you can leave it on for 60=seconds, I leave it on for a couple of minutes while I multi-task on email or check out Instagram. Once it’s done working it’s magic just wash it off with warm water and follow up with Renewed Hope in a Jar.

After long days of wearing makeup and then sweating at the gym, this masks has helped clean out my pores and soften my complexion. My Philosophy beauty routine keeps my skin soft during cold winter months, or hot, humid summers in the South. If this mask is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, then I know other Philosophy lovers will also see the benefits! 

as a philosophy brand ambassador/ "beauty believer", i received a free Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel n exchange for writing a review. all opinions expressed and content are my own. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Birthday Week, Atlanta & Hilton Head: Part 1 in Photos

Hiiiiiiyyaaaaaa! Every June I take off a week from work to celebrate my birthday and hang out with friends. This year, I decided to stick around Little Rock for a few days, head to Atlanta, then off to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  

Birthday Eve was celebrated at Ciao Baci in Little Rock with two of my good friends. 

Ciao Baci has my FAVORITE dessert - s'mores! 

On my actual birthday I met up with my good friend Sara for lunch - I kept it healthy with a salad and burger on the side. 

After lunch I hung out by the pool for a bit ... I mean, it was my birthday so I had to relax. 

I'm so sad I don't have any photos from my dinner with my parents! I was having such a good time I forgot to take a picture! 

The next day I hung out at the pool again with some friends! 

A few days later I was off to Atlanta. First thing was first, had to go have dinner at a new restaurant called Craft Izakaya. 

This is called the "Tuna Bomb" - I'd give you a joke that it was 'da bomb' but that's silly

More food! 

Melissa & I had a great time at dinner! We hadn't seen each other in over a year. Against friendship rules.

Oh Atlanta! I miss you, but I don't miss your traffic... 

Stay tuned for Part 2 - more of Atlanta and Hilton Head! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Does Philosophy's Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel Work?

As a lover of Philosophy products, I was thrilled when they asked me to be one of their Beauty Believers and try out the new Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel. This two-step treatment works to reveal radiant skin, improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles and show a reduction on pore size. All of those benefits in just two steps? Sign me up.

All of my life I’ve heard beauty experts say to begin your anti-aging regimen in your 20’s to keep your healthy, youthful glow. After weeks of trying this product, I believe this peel does just that.

First, the Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel includes an alpha/beta hydroxy acid leave-on peel solution that helps resurface your skin throughout the night. How? The alpha hydroxy acids work to reduce discoloration and appearance of fine lines while giving you the healthy glow. The beta hydroxy acids can helps cleanse your pores, which reduces their size. Together this combination creates an anti-aging effect. This exfoliation is gentle on your skin throughout the night while you sleep so it prevents the potential irritation of the skin. The second step in this two-step treatment is the youth-extending night gel that enhances the peel to protect the new skin cells to resist the signs of aging.

This product is VERY easy to use – in the past few weeks I have used it 2-3 times per week after I wash my face with Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser. Let me show you just how easy it is!

Use the Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser to make sure your face is clean from makeup.

Clean, clean, clean! Your face will feel smooth and dirt-free after using this facial cleanser and it has a nice fresh, clean scent!  

Soak one of the cotton pads with the Step 1 alpha/beta hydroxy acid leave-on peel solution.

Wipe the cotton pad all over your cleansed face! Do you feel that? It’s the feeling of youth. Don’t worry – this does not burn, there’s no chemical smell, it just feels like you are using a toner.

Time to apply the youth-extending night gel

Gently massage the soothing gel into the skin & leave it on overnight.

That’s it! It’s really that easy. What’s next? This peel will do all of the work for you while you sleep. In the past few weeks I have felt my skin become firmer, more evened in color and I’ve noticed fewer breakouts and smoother skin. My skin is usually sensitive, but I’ve had no issues using this product. The first week I used it once on a Monday and then again on a Thursday with no irritation.

After that I began using it 2-3 times per week. I would like to add that in the morning I wash my face with the Purity Facial Wash and then use the Renewed Hope in a Jar on mornings and nights that I didn’t use the peel as well as sunscreen. Remember, the peel is going to help remove the old cells and create youthful, radiant skin cells to they need protection if you will be in sunlight.

This product will work for anyone who wants their skin to feel and look freshened.  

Check out more reviews of the  Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel on Philosophy's Beauty Believer Facebook tab

as a philosophy brand ambassador/ "beauty believer", i received a free Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Aging Peel n exchange for writing a review. all opinions expressed and content are my own. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why I Use Frank Body Scrub

When you find something you love, you don't let it go, you tell everyone. Or at least that's what I do. And this body scrub I'm about to talk about is something that I LOVE.

I suffer from terribly dry skin in the winter months. As a sufferer of eczema throughout my life, I have finally found a product that moisturizes and actually repairs my skin. (It can also help with cellulite - I kid you not.)

It's called Frank.

It's has one of the simplest forms of packaging that I have ever seen but it has the best coffee scrub that I've ever used. Also, it's only like $15 and shipping is free in the US. If your skin is dry, if you suffer from eczema, if you want your skin to feel soothed, please try this. It's worth it, I promise.

It comes in a couple of different scents but the original is my favorite.

Not a paid post or advertisement. I just seriously love this product. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy National Chocolate Day!

In celebration of this day, I thought I'd share all of my favorite chocolate goodies.

First, let's start off with cookies.

1. My FAVORITE chocolate cookies are the White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies.

These are so good. The picture might be awful (This was circa iPhone 2011) but these cookies are amazing.

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

2. The ULTIMATE Get-A-Man Brownies 

These brownies got me a date. And then a second date. And then a guy who wanted to call me his girlfriend (2010) and I stopped making them. (Not the right guy...) HOWEVER, now that I do have the right guy, maybe it's time I start making them again. 

3. Dove Almond Milk Chocolate 

If you aren't in the mood to bake, because it's Tuesday and there's life, then I suggest this. My favorite 'candy' - Dove Almond Milk Chocolate. Tis so smooth! 

If you think chocolate is bad for you & fattening. It's really not. Read this... 

Happy National Chocolate Day!