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Review: Trunk Club Styling Service


It's Trunk Club time! If you haven't seen my posts before here's a little recap: 

Trunk Club, owned by Nordstrom, is a personalized clothing service that delivers clothing, accessories, and shoes to your door in a cute box. There is a new, initial styling fee of $25 that goes towards the cost of any item you may buy from the trunk. 

After you signup, you're assigned a personalized stylist. This is the best part to me - you have your own stylist who will chat with you via the Trunk Club app, online, phone or email. My favorite way to talk to my stylist is via the app. Your stylist will ask you a bunch of questions of your style, what you're looking for and what events are coming up.

Trunk Club Review

This month I requested a fall trunk from my stylist because fall weather in Arkansas is really like a cooler summer. I wanted pieces that could transition from summer to fall, from work to happy hour, and classic yet pretty. 

Let's go through the trunk! 

FRAME 'Le High Skinny' High Rise Crop Jeans Sterling - $165 (on sale!)
Joie 'Anatase B' Floral Print Sleeveless Silk Top - $198  
First up: My stylist sent me these Frame jeans. I don't mind the holes in the knees, but since I just bought two pairs of Paige jeans these are going to go back.

She also sent me the Joie top that I love, because I oddly love florals. Overall I really like both pieces. This top would be great with jeans, or tucked into a skirt with a jacket. 

Vince Camuto Zip Front Tweed Suit Jacket - $179

I am OBSESSED with this Vince Camuto Tweed Jacket. When I realized that there was a matching skirt I became even more obsessed. A Chanel-inspired outfit that makes me feel like Chanel from Scream Queens and Coco Chanel at the same time? HOW COULD I NOT buy this jacket? I am a bit bummed they didn't include the skirt, I could order it separately but it's so hard to tell if I'm going to be a cute Chanel, or look like a grandma at church. 

Chealsea28 Print Shift Dress - $119
Mary Jane Pump by Charles by Charles David - $65

So, I LOVE the cut and shape of this Chealsea28 shift dress but the print is not for me. 

But these nude, Mary Jane pumps by Charles by Charles David were surprisingly adorable and comfortable. 

Kate Spade Stripe Please Silk Skirt - $368
This photo is a lot cuter than how I felt when I tried on this Kate Spade skirt. Pleats can be hard, and with the price tag of these pleats this skirt just had to go back. 
Bye bye, pleat pleats.

Eliza J Off the Shoulder Top - $98

My stylist also sent me this Eliza J top that would be perfect if I wasn't so long in the torso. Sometimes normal tops can feel like crop tops so I have to be careful to buy shirts that are a little bit longer. As sexy as my muffin top is, no one needs to see it. 

Felicity and Coco Shift Dress - $88

LOVE this dress! I had no idea how much I would love this Felicity & Coco purple dress, but it's so pretty! Simple and classic is very much my style. After trying on this dress I want to venture out into a few more into the new world of deep purple. 
Trouve Tuxedo Jacket - $119 
If we'd like to talk about major obsessions let's talk about this Trouve Tuxedo jacket. This is a piece that I would have never picked out or tried on, but after I did, I was in love. This jacket is fitted perfectly, looks good with skirts, dresses, and jeans. If only it would get cooler in Arkansas so I could wear it!

Dolce Vita Over the Knee Boot (on sale!)

Hi, thigh-highs! I requested a pair of thigh high boots because ... because I wanted a pair. These Dolce Vita boots have a great heel but are also really comfortable. They did go back though because I have my eye on another pair right now, and since I'm on a budget, I can't keep it all. 

Trunk Club Review Final Thoughts

Trunk Club is really great for my lifestyle. As someone who loves to shop but tends to buy some of the same things over and over again, I get into fashion ruts. Telling someone else what I like and then getting those items along with new, interesting pieces is a big pro to me. 

There is a cost of $25 to receive a trunk, but honestly, it's worth it to me. I'm able to speak to someone about what I like/need/want, she sends me 10 items in the mail that I can try on in the comfort of my own home? The $25 is a convenience fee that I will happily pay. 

Also, if you buy anything then the $25 is just credited to your total. Win-win. 

If you're thinking about signing up, please use my referral link. Trust me, this is the best clothing service out there. 

Trunk Club Referral Link:  

Why I Am Done with StitchFix

I've tried. I've tried. I have tried SO HARD to give StitchFix the chance to succeed. Two years ago I was really into the idea of StitchFix and someone picking out clothing options for me. It's easy to get into a rut with what I wear so why not have someone else try and pick new things for you? Well... because they can't seem to understand my style which I feel like is pretty easy, I even made them a Pinterest board to help explain it.

I gave it one last shot the past week. One last chance to see what they could send me. I've seen people receive the CUTEST items, why can't it?

Here's what I got:

THML Pierina Colorblock Jacket - $108

Is this jacket terrible? No, it's not, but it wasn't a very good quality for the cost and more importantly, it's not my style. I love jackets, almost as much as I love shoes, but I can't afford/or want to buy a $108 jacket that isn't my style and won't hold up. 

Rails Ellson One Pocket Top - $148

This flannel shirt is really cute ... but it's $148 for a flannel shirt. 

Does anyone else find this crazy? Also, it was SO boxy. Pass. 

BC Footwear Glow Caged Wedge $70

In my StitchFix style card I said I was looking for things/items for fall. Maybe I'm in a bad mood, but $70 for mustard colored wedges is just a silly. 

Market & SpruceCharlisa Zipper Back Knit Top - $44

Ok, I actually really liked this top and even thought about buying it until I realized that it would be $25. The top was $44, minus the $20 credit the shirt was still $24 and now StitchFix charges tax! I just sent it back because It didn't seem that worth it. 

Lila RyanNikita Flare Jean - $98 

These jeans were just so-so. If I had to compare them, they are similar to Loft jeans, except more expensive. 

I ended up sending everything back. The total of everything in the box was ... $468! I really feel like StitchFix was a little cheaper last summer, am I wrong? So, this is the end of my road with StitchFix. 

I'm sticking with TrunkClub for the future. 

What clothing service have you tried and liked?? 


Update: News About the House!

OK, OK... You're never going to believe it... remember the house that we lost because of the inspection? WELL, NOW WE ARE BACK UNDER CONTRACT! 

I got a message from my realtor last week saying the sellers were ready to do what they needed to do to sell the house. They've cleaned the chimney, fixed the rotted wood and put on a brand new roof! So, we made a deal and are back under contract with the closing date being in October. 

What happens next? Getting the loan approved. I went to the bank of Friday to sign the mortgage papers, then I had a huge emotional breakdown because of all of the papers I had to sign, then my boyfriend took me to eat Mexican food because it's the best stress food, then I calmed down again because cheese dip can solve all problems.

It wasn't until today that I got excited for the first time again since making an offer on the house the first time. I know we still have to get the house appraised and loan approved, but the idea of moving into a house that is MINE is exciting. There's also a lot of stress about packing, moving, needing to paint, decorating, being able to afford to buy new things for the house, etc. All of that will work out like it should. 

For weeks I prayed that God would bless me with the right house I was supposed to buy and I really think this is it. It was kind of a fluke that I went to go see it when I walked in it felt like home, and it has all the space and room that we need. It even has a fireplace which I didn't even know I would want until I saw this house with one. 

This also means I get my office back that I blogged about the first time we were under contract! 

Going from a baby room to a chic office look! 

Does anyone have any house advice? Any DIY blogs that you follow? Let me know! 


GlobeIn Artisan Box: Threads

Does anyone else love subscription boxes? It must be the surprise element of it that I really love. This month's GlobeIn box was focused on, 'Threads'. 

Cleary focused on things that you buy and wear! 

OK-Here's an overview of the box... You get a shirt, tassel charm, scarf, clutch and cute basket! 

This foldover clutch was made by the Tribe Alive in India. A woman named Jyoti started her business in 2002 because she wanted to bring together art and fashion. She found embroiderers and tailors to help bring her dream to life. 

The tassel charm was creative by Tribe Alive in Honduras. Dilcia, a single mother, helped create these charms. So every time I see this charm I will think about how this subscription box is bigger than just me, or a charm, somewhere in Honduras this box subscription has helped a single mother put food on her table for her children. 

Let's talk about this CUTE and SOFT shirt made from the Wildlife Works group in Kenya. This shirt helps women like Vicky, who has always dreamed of a better future, and after working with the Wildlife Works group she can now see a future for herself. 
This spotted Bandana was made in Ghana from a woman named, "Mama Christie". Thanks to opportunities that GlobeIn provides for different companies around the world, Mama Christie was given a job where she was able to put her talents to use, like designing this adorable bandana. 

Whatever subscription box you subscribe to, think about trying this one out. Empower a woman to have a better life for her and her family. What more can you ask for? A box of presents and helping another woman become her own boss! 

**Special discount: Use coupon code WELCOME to save $10 OFF your 3-month or longer Artisan Box subscription! 

Life Update: I Lost the House


Well, I didn't lose it, I still know where it is but it's just not going to be my house anymore. After my REALLY excited post where I was looking for office inspiration, things started to go south. In my naiveness, I thought house shopping was easy... clearly, I am mistaken. After a week of negotiations we finally found a spot that both the sellers and I could agree upon. Great (or so I thought). Once you agree upon a price and both parties sign the contract, the buyer (me) has 10 days to get an inspection done on the house. House inspections are not cheap by the way... we're talking $300-500 PER inspection. 

The sellers said that if there were any major issues with the house they would fix them... like big things. They told us this and I believed them. *mistake* 

The house inspection took two hours, which was good because it was very thurough, but I also had to take an afternoon off work which I really hadn't thought about when planning it. My inspector was great, he looked at everything, tooks photos of the house, and wrote a very detailed report on what needed to be fixed. It even came in a PDF report that speaks to me because I love a detailed report. 

His list was something like this: 

  • **The roof is old and at the end of its life and should be replaced soon. 

                                  $$ CHA-CHING $$

  • **The electrical breaker box in the house is out of code and you can't get the house insured with its current state. 

                                  $$ CHA-CHING $$

  • **The HVAC unit needs to be cleaned out. 

                                  $$ CHA-CHING $$

  • **The chimney needs to be cleaned to make sure no fires are possible. 

                  $$ CHA-CHING $$ $$ CHA-CHING $$ $$ CHA-CHING $$ 

And a few other smaller things that were very minor but still made your head hear 'cha-ching'. 

We (and by we I mean my realtor) sent the insepction to the other realtor and sellers. We didn't even ask for anything in the beginning - we asked that they let us know what they are willing to fix. *mistake* 

Their reply? We aren't going to fix any of those things. 

*mouth drop* 

You're telling me, that YOUR house that you have LIVED in for six years needs major repairs and improvements and you aren't willing to do ANYTHING? You haven't taken care of it for SIX years and now it's a prized pocession? We sent back a counter that said if you pay for half of the roof and more of the closing costs we can keep going, otherwise we need to terminte the contract. 

The house was already on the higher end of the market for the neighborhood so you can't put too much money into it you will lose it. This isn't going to be our forever home, but this isn't going to be a money pit either. It's good to have equity, but not at the cost of going upside down on a house.

After a generous offer for their house and a generous repair offer, they just proved too difficult and stubborn about their house, which is fine and their perogative. However, it's not my place to pay for their house problems that they haven't taken care of in SIX YEARS. I am bummed and clearly resentful. One blog reader told me not to get too emotionally invested and she was right because I really got invested in that house. After terminating the contract we went and found another house that was BETTER... put in an offer and it was rejected an hour later because there had been three offers in one day and someone offered full price. We looked up the previous owners of the house and it had been a nasty divorce (you can find these things out when your boyfriend is in law school and he's learned all the websites for research). Do I want to live in a house with a bad juju? Nope. 

So the search continues... I know, I know... 'The right house will come along at the right time.' Sure. It probably will, but today it sucks because I lost two houses in one weekend and now it's like starting all over. (I'm also out a few hundred bucks which could have been a really great new coat or pair of boots.) 

I've been SnapChatting all of this throughout the journey. If you want to follow along, add me: maeganclark. 

Positive vibes are needed - Please, everyone, tell me that I will find a BETTER house and it will be PERFECT and then I can paint an office my beauitful dark turquise.  

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