My HOT-lanta Friends

My HOT-lanta Friends

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I was pretty darn lucky when I moved to Atlanta. 

So lucky, that I met three of the best, most fun, funniest, prettiest girls in the entire world and now I can call them my friends.

The world is big you know - so that's a pretty strong statement. 

But just look at them?

They enjoy talking to strangers...

They know good food...

They are the life of the party!

And no matter what, they are always there for you. 

If I ever forget how lucky I am...I just remember my sweet Atlanta friends.
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  1. I'll try this again.....
    we are the lucky doubt...and I feel very blessed to have wonderful friends like you all too....there is nsothing better than good people in your life...looking forward to the CMA's....Love you girls! xxoo


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