Scalloped Cheese Potatoes

Scalloped Cheese Potatoes

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Some friends of mine were having a cookout Sunday night and asked if I wanted to go.

My answer was Yes!

Cookouts. Spring weather. Pretty day. Good people.

Of course I would say yes.

The next question was, what do I need to bring?

To which I got the answer, something with 'cheese and potatoes.'

Oh. Okay... Well.... Hum....

Sounds like Scalloped Cheese Potatoes to me. Fun fact, I have never made that dish until this weekend.

So here goes.

photo 1 (4)
You need potatoes. I'm captain obvious this morning.

Give them a good rinse...
photo 2 (4)
Then stick em in a big ol' pot and boil until they are knife tender.

photo 3 (3)
Now while those are boiling, you can get your other ingredients ready.

photo 4 (2)
Start shredding up your Velveeta cheese.
(Now, if you want, you can just buy shredded Velveeta. I thought about it. I thought long and hard about it. I just decided to do it myself. I considered it my arm workout for the day.)

photo 5 (3)
Potatoes are done. Let's drain and rinse with cold water.

photo 2
Side note, my cousin Shannon got me this for Christmas this year. Isn't she cute? She said it reminded her of me!

photo 3
This is a very important step. One to which I completely learned my lesson. You MUST let the potatoes cool before you start peeling and slicing them up.

Some potatoes were hurt in the process. This is why I cook A LOT from the beginning.

photo 4
Since I was going to a cookout - I used a disposable pan. I don't like keeping up with pans and this way I can just leave whatever behind.

photo 5
Butter it up all nice and pretty.

photo 2 (5)
Now it's time to get the good stuff going. Take a stick of butter (after you grease up the pan) cut it up into chunks, add some milk and let it become one.

photo 5 (4)
Once the milk and butter have married into one, add some cheese.

photo 3 (5)
Now it's time to assemble. See how my potatoes are broken on the bottom? It's because I didn't let them cool long enough. Trust me on that one.

photo 1 (5)
Salt and pepper. Then pour half the cheesy, buttery goodness all over the top.

photo 3 (6)
Add sour cream if you like.

photo 4 (5)
Some cheese.

And then do it again.

photo 1 (2)
One more layer of potatoes with some salt and pepper.

See how these potatoes are prettier? They cooled first.

photo 2 (2)
Add the rest of the mixture.

photo 3 (2)
Almost there. Almost.

Add more sour cream on top. More cheese. Cover. Place in the oven.

This is what happened...after I took the last picture. My phone died. So the other steps weren't captured. It happens to the best of us.

Anyways, after it's baked covered for about 40 min, I uncover it and let it back for about 20-25 more or until someone calls and says, "I'm outside your house, let's go."

Then you are done cooking.

Take your dish to the cookout, stick it in the oven to keep it warm and then let people eat.

I did however get a picture of the's not pretty.
However, delicious.

I guess you could call this success.

- 1 1/2 cup of whole milk
- 1 stick of salted butter
- 1 bag of potatoes (I buy the 5 lb bag but I only used around 3 lbs)
- 3 cups of shredded Velveeta
- 1 cup of sour cream
- Salt and Peppa

1. Wash potatoes and boil until knife tender
2. While your poatoes are boiling, begin shredding up Velveeta cheese
3. After potatoes are knife tender, drain and rinse with cold water
4. Lay on paper towels to dry and cool
5. Butter your dish you will bake in
6. Add milk and butter to a sauce pan to merge the goodness
7. Add 2 cups of Velveeta cheese to the mixture
8. Peel and slice your cooled potatoes
9. Start your first layer buy laying out the potatoes
10. Salt and peppa
11. Add half of the milk/butter/cheese mixture on top
12. Add half a cup of sour cream on top
13. Half a cup of cheese for fun
14. Add another layer of potatoes
15. Salt and Peppa
16. Add the renaming half of the milk/butter/cheese mixture on top
17. Add the other half of sour cream
18. Add the rest of the cheese
19. Cover in a 350 degree oven for 40 min
20. Uncover for 20-25 min
21. Enjoy.
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