Things I Know

Things I Know

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1. I cannot make an omelet. I tried this morning. It was a disaster. They poor eggs ended up being burnt scrambeled eggs. 

Did I eat them? Yes. Hot sauce and salsa to cover it up. I will try again tomorrow. Maybe. 

2. Happy Meals make me happy. When I was little I once told my mom that I wanted to marry a guy who could buy me a happy meal every day, I've decided this is still true in my life. Some things never change.

3.  I work with some of the best people I know. It's easy to love your job, when you:
     a) love what you do. 
     b) love the people you work with.
     c) love the city you live in.

4. Two-stepping is easy, three-stepping is hard. 

(This piece is from Filomena Ristorante in DC. I still dream about this.)

5. On May 9 I am going to have a piece of pie.

And a burger. And fries. And a coke. 

6. Arkansas summer is coming and I'm ready. Except for the extreme heat and humidity, I'm ready. 

When the summer heat actually gets here, I will be ready for winter. 
Funny how that works.

7. The Stl. Cardinals are my favorite baseball team. Even though they aren't just doing that great this year and every player on the team seems to be getting hurt, I am still rooting for them.

8. When I was little I went on a Easter egg hunt at the local state park and ended up with a black eye. My one and only black eye in life. I won't go hunt Easter eggs anymore.

9. Halloween stresses me out. Even though it's months and months away, I always get nervous about it.Why is it always so much pressure?

10. Today is Wednesday. (Betcha didn't know that one...)

This means I have kickboxing tonight. I can now wrap my own hands.
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