Child of the 90’s.

Child of the 90’s.


I’m in my 20’s – more like mid-20’s – more like I am almost 25. (From this you can probably figure out that right now I’m 24.)

However, a lot of my friends (work friends, Atlanta friends, cousins I am close with) are all about 6-8 years older. I am cool with this. They seem cool with this. The age doesn’t seem like a big gap until it comes to talk about growing up.
This is where the age difference sets in.

1. They, for the most part, remember when Kurt Cobain died in ‘94. I remember when I first heard “Come As You Are” by Nirvana in ‘96.  

2. All the girls in my class wanted to marry someone from N’Sync and we sang to Britney Spears. I’m afraid if I let the world know I still know all the words to Britney’s first album they might judge me. 

3. I’ve never watched The Simpsons. Or Seinfeld. I miss out on A LOT of jokes because of that sometimes. 

4. By the time I knew who Madonna was, she had already re-invented herself about three times.  

(I picked Saved by the Bell, because that's what I grew up watching.)

5.They actually got to wear the terrible 80’s and 90's fashions; I got to play the part on 80’s day in high school. 
    For the most part, I enjoy the differences. It makes for good laughs.
    Until someone starts to talk smack about my boy bands…then we have a problem.
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    1. what if I also talk smack about MY boy band, NKOTB? is that okay?


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