Let There Be Pie

Let There Be Pie

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In that last six weeks I have been a bit stressed...which apparently, if you ask everyone made me cranky. Why so stressed? Well that list is too long to actually get into and isn't as much fun as what is about to happen on this page. 

What is about to happen on this page? Pie. Fried pie. 

Good ol' fashioned chocolate fried pie that makes you want to lean back, pat your belly and take a nap. 

Attractive, huh? Patting your belly.

Since I have been 'cranky' at work the last six weeks, today my co-workers who have suffered the most from my stressful lifestyle went to lunch together. We discussed: Scrubs, babies, pie, other stuff that I was too busy eating my cheeseburger to remember because I was too busy eating food that didn't consist of what a rabbit would eat. 

So. We loaded up cars and wen to Burge's. 

You walk into Burge's and you see a wall full of decor

I felt the need to stare down that guys so they would hurry up with my order. I haven't eaten in six weeks. I was hungry. 

I was obviously too excited when I got my food because I couldn't wait to take a picture. 

That good. 

Yes sir. Yes ma'am. Getcha some. 

Then once you getcha some of that, you have to get some of this. 

They have all kinds - but today this is what I needed. 

Hello lover. 

I got too excited again. Couldn't wait. 

I ate it all. How many of you does that not surprise?

Group shot of the ladies! 

Lunch was good. That simple. 

Welcome back food in my life. Though now I need to take a nap.

Flash back...My My Me Oh My, I Love Pie
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