Birthday Eve Eve Eve and Bucket List

Birthday Eve Eve Eve and Bucket List

In celebration of my birthday eve eve eve where I will turn the age that is the year before the age that scares me the most...I feel like I should share some of my bucket list. 

That term keeps popping up in my life lately. Either it's God telling me to do something besides watch the Bachelorette or Swamp People, or he's telling that to everyone else in my life and I just have to hear about it.

Either way, it makes you wonder. What would be on my bucket list? I've already accomplished some things.

1. I met Reba

2. Saw the Dalai Lama. (Actually - that was just put on my bucket list before I went to go hear him last month.)

I never said my bucket list was long. Quality over quantity my friends. 

So for my current bucket list I have come up with this list: 

1. I want to be on a billboard.
     Why? Because it just seems like fun to drive by and see your face.

2. I want to meet Pioneer Woman.
      Because I want to see her massive kitchen.

3. I want to meet Paula Deen so we can compare southern accents. 
     Secretly - I know she has to act that accent up. I can act mine up. I want to see who can be the bigger actor of accents. 

4. I want to hear Billy Ray Cyrus sing 'Achy Breaky Heart'
     Because since I was 6 years old I've known the words to that song and it's just time that I hear it in person. (This one should come true in about 9 days...)

5. I want to go to Italy. Greece. Ireland. Australia. 
     It's where all the good lookin guys are. 

6. I would like for someone other than my mother to comment on my blog.
     Actually, my mom has never commented. If you are one of the five people who read this, do me a favor and share it with a friend. I'm trying to get to 10 readers. I never said my bucket list was full of big dreams. (My mom did tell me that one of her co-workers reads it and thinks I'm funny. Thank you for reading it and thinking I am funny. Please don't stop reading it or I will only have four readers.)

7. I want to be a GREAT cook.
     Right now I am a good cook. I can follow a recipe, I can make some things from scratch, but I want to be remembered by all. 

Those are the top seven things on my bucket list. It isn't long. It isn't wild and crazy and over the top. It's just my list and I am happy with it.

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  1. Now you have 6 readers..

  2. i'll be your number 8! (but you gotta follow me too.)


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