I'd Settle for a Slow Down...Now.

I'd Settle for a Slow Down...Now.

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I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.
- Mae West 

  Sunset it Little Rock this week.

Okay. I feel as if I've learned my lesson. Going 90-to-nothing for weeks straight isn't good for your body. Especially if your body was sick last week. Especially if your body was sick last week and the doctor told you to slow down. Especially if your body was sick last week, the doctor told you to slow down and you went to Nashville for four days and nights and went 120-to-nothing.

I get it. At some point in life, you have to slow down or your body will slow down for you. Well much like my car on Monday, my body decided that it would take control of itself, become sick and sleep for 14 hours yesterday.

Eh. I'm going to learn this lesson one day.

Say hello to the second  tomato that was picked out of my dad's garden. The first one went to my mom...second to me. There is a pecking order in my family apparently. A pecking order never bothers me as long as I am first...put me second and you're going to hear about it.

The tomato was delightful and I now cannot wait until I receive my next one.

This is what I would like to share with everyone. All eight of you. I appreciate all eight of you as well. This is the absolute BEST yogurt I have ever had. I don't even like yogurt. I use to buy it just to act like I was a yogurt person. I was a wannabe yogurter. After I tried this yogurt off of a co-worker I became a real yogurter. This stuff is good. Real good. I cannot talk about how good this stuff is. I ate some last night. I had some this morning. I was afraid to bring it to work with me today or I would just eat it all day. I think that would be too much yogurt. Anyways. Best Yogurt Ever. Period.

Back to the Nashville trip, I know I never updated on the last day, but it was lots of fun. We had a great time all in all and even though we may not be going back next year (two years in a row is a lot) I cannot wait to go somewhere else with all of em! 
 Scott Plauche Photography, Inc.

Oh...and remember that wedding I talked about a lot? Well here is a professional picture that was taken from all of the girls. Fun, right?

Today is Friday. My ramble is over. I'm taking it easy this weekend. Don't believe me? Well me either really.
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