Time to Slow Down? Doubtful.

Time to Slow Down? Doubtful.

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Saturday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and felt tired. Not thinking that I could possible get sick since I take enough vitamins a day for a small army, I just brushed if off that I was tired and that my birthday was the next day.

My birthday is always daunting to me - it's scary. I know it's coming. You can't stop it. I never feel prepared for it.

When it comes to birthdays I get weird, strange and my friends think I'm about to jump off a cliff.

Later that Saturday I started to feel better. Sunday comes and I feel the same way again. Scratchy throat and tired. Since Saturday had ended up being a busy day I blamed it on that.

Monday seemed to be a different story. I woke up feeling like I had been beaten up. This headache wouldn't go away and my throat felt like I was swallowing knives. By 3 p.m. Monday afternoon I knew my body was in retaliation of turning 25. 24 had been such a great year that I don't honestly blame my body for the revolt.

I left work early to come home and rest. I took more vitamins, Aleve, sleeping pills and fell into a deep sleep until 2 a.m. where I woke up thinking that I was on fire. Fever. Wonderful.

5:30 a.m. I woke up to the feeling of my throat being on fire and someone pouring bleach down my mouth while laughing. I stumbled into the kitchen where I found some more Aleve and went back to bed. The alarm goes off at  7 a.m. I go back to sleep. I had never been so happy for the arrival of 8 a.m. This meant I could call the doctor. I Googled the number, called and begged to have them work me in. The first available time? 2 p.m.

For the first of the morning I worked from home. I had plenty to do with emails, working on projects and self-diagnosing myself on WebMD. As long as I didn't swallow or talk the pain was manageable.

Once I'm in the examination room of the doctor's office the nurse starts asking me questions. Why are you here today? Where do you feel bad? Do you blah blah blah? What about yada yada yada?

Then I hear those dreaded words from the nurse, "Well, let's test for strep first and then if it's not that we can take blood." Oh goody. I walk back to the lab where the nurse seems to shove a extra long cue-tip to the back of my throat. A warning would have been nice.

Then I have to sit. And wait. And sit. And wait. Results? Negative! Yes! No strep.

Which means...yep...time to draw blood. This part has never bothered me. I don't particularly like to watch someone stick a needle into my vein but I'm not grossed out by it either. After the fun part is all over I'm allowed to go sit in the examination room again to sit. and wait. and sit. and wait.

The doctor walks in with the blood results. My white blood cells seem to be high which means by body is fighting something. It's probably fighting the little ninjas who are having a sword fight in the back of my throat.

Doctor: Well...it's not strep.
Me: Okay. (Nurse already confirmed that.)
Doctor: It could be tonsillitis.
Me: I don't have tonsils.
Doctor: Your white blood count is high so you must have a infection.
Me: Look of 'duh'
Doctor: Let me look in your mouth
Me: I hate this part.
Doctor: Yeah, it's a little pink.
Me: Probably from all of the ninja fighting (Just kidding. I didn't say that.)

After more 'ahhhsss' and 'ohhhhs' the doctor finally prescribes me some medicine.

Doctor: Have you ever taken "super big medicine word"
Me: Um. I don't know what even means.
Doctor: It's a steriod. It helps blah blah blah.
Me: I don't know. But I'm not opposed to it. What are the side effects?
Doctor: It can kind of be like caffeine.
Me: That's fine
Doctor: Have you had much rest lately?
Me: Um. You know.
Doctor: You may want to slow down for a couple of days.
Me: Slow down?
Doctor: Yeah. Your immune system needs rest sometimes. 

After I leave the doctor with my lecture on slowing down and without a sticker or sucker like the little kids get, I go pick up my prescription and head home. Take my three pills and pass out about 15 min after taking them.

After a good two hour solid nap, I wake up with enough energy for three 5-year-olds. What do I do? Well I clean. Pack. Laundry. Bleach. Go to the store to by lysol. Break out in a fever in the middle of Krogers and think I'm about to die. That was stupid to go anywhere. Go home. And look around. Take more pills. Go to bed.

Let's hope these pills kick this sore throat so I don't have to 'rest' too much during my Nashville trip.
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