What Was I Thinkin...

What Was I Thinkin...

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Day two of Nashville CMA Fest was just as productive as day 1...

We started the day off going to eat lunch at Pie in the Sky. We ate there last year and it's close to our hotel so we knew we'd be in for a good time. 
We headed down to the day time concerts after lunch to listen to the Sawyer Brown band, James Wesley and Darryl Worley.

By the way...Darryl Worley isn't that good. At all.

After listening to the afternoon bands we went and ate at B.B. Kings then headed over to the big stage for the night concerts. 

Last night we listened to...Dierks Bentley...Lady Antebellum...Sugarland...Keith Urban...Clay Walker and Reba.

Sawyer Brown Band

While we were walking around we saw some BC Powder people whose motto is just...Shake it Off.

This happens from time to time...
Sitting in the shade, drinking lemonade, and listening to music.

We kept another tradition we started last year by eating dinner at B.B. Kings.
Between the shirt and the creepy guys things are starting to get weird...
Nashville Skyline at sunset.

Group shot!

Waiting for the big shows...
Luckily enough I found someone to spin around with!
He even flipped me around. He was fun. 

Sugarland...Keith Urban...Dierks Bentley...Heaven 

Shania Twain came out as a surprise to introduce Sugarland.

Stuck like glue... you and me baby we're stuck like glue.

I love this picture for so many reasons.
And the real one..
Guess who it is?
I shall now call her Reba the Diva because she took forever to get on stage. 

Sharing love.
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