When Did I Grow Up?

When Did I Grow Up?

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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
- Maya Angelou


(Last weeks fortune...still waiting on the 'happy news')

I've had a writer's block here lately. Probably because life has been so busy that I have felt up, down, spinned around and then just plain tired.

Yes. Excuses are signs of weaknesses and I'm not one to use them often, so here goes a re-cap. 

Trying new things like 'Golden Raspberries. I actually like them.

Growing up, my dad would always say, "Life isn't fair" or "Life isn't easy." When you're growing up you don't believe it. Well. I now believe it. I guess at 25 I can start to say that my parents are right. That's a hard pill to swallow. 

Life isn't easy. It can be really hard. Last week, life was hard. I was being pushed in every area. Between work and play and just things going on, I was probably asleep every night by 10 p.m. if not earlier. 

I'm happy with life being uneasy sometimes. It pushes me to do better and be better. If you're not comfortable in your life, then you know things are progressing. Good or bad, you're learning.

Friends and Dating: 

If you know me, you know that I'm honest. I'm a say-what-you-mean kind of girl. I'm not one to super sugar coat things and I don't expect that from any of my friends either. 

Life is hard enough (see paragraph above) to not say what's on your mind. Lately my friends have been pretty vocal about my dating, or lack-there-of, dating life. 

Yes, I get asked out. No, I don't go. (Mom I don't want a phone call about this.) Here's the thing, I'm not ready to date. I haven't been in a real relationship in a while and I'm just not sure I'm ready to bring someone in my life right now. Maybe that's a terrible excuse, maybe I'm 'sabotaging' myself...what I was told, not what I think, but I can't help it. I know what I want in life, I'm not in the 'find out' stage. I already know. Why waste someone's time if I know it's not the right one? 

I may be completely off base with this and I'll be happy to take everyone's opinions, but I think when you're ready you know. 

I'm working hard to perfect my white gravy. I'm going to keep doing it until Paula Deen calls me for advice. 

I have big goals in life. 

1.  My dog was really tired. She has a hard life. Eating bones and treats all day would wear anyone out.  

2.  I've realized that I don't like orange juice. It's taken 25 years for me to say this, but I don't like it.

3. My friend Sara and I have considered trying out for The Bachelor together. Not for the guy, just to travel all over the place. 

4. I got a little sunburned Saturday at the pool. I look silly now with these random tan lines. 

5. It's time I go to St. Louis this year to a Cardinals game. It's just time.

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