"I'll be in touch..."

"I'll be in touch..."

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I'm just going to say this the best way I can.

I am not good at dating.

It's true. It doesn't come natural to me. As soon as there is pressure on the table, I freak out, start to panic and generally doubt my self-worth. Why? No idea. I think it's the pressure of one person judging me to decide if I'm good enough to have a second encounter.

Whatever it is. I'm working on it.

So...my friend Annie, whom is also a co-worker, started talking to be about a guy she knew who was her neighbor. Then she told Valerie. Then she told Allison. Then Leigh. Then Suzanne. Then Brooke. Before I knew it, this guy, whom we shall name Air Force guy (because he's in the Air Force) became a topic of conversation about once a week at lunch.

Annie believed that she should hook up me up with Air Force guy. I was a little resistant at first because again, dating freaks me out. Since I trust Annie a lot, I decided okay. Fine. Let's do this.

I gave her my number to pass to Air Force Guy. She lost it. I emailed it to her a week later. He lost it. I gave it to her again. She gave him the wrong number. Finally, Air Force guy had the right number.

He texted that he would be in touch. Okay.

A week later (he had gone on some trip) he called.

The first phone call went pretty well. We talked for over an hour and discussed going out. I didn't say yes, I just said maybe. The next night he called again to see if I wanted to go out for the weekend. I agreed to a Saturday night date. Friday nights I'm tired from work and well Sunday's are reserved for my DVR.

Saturday morning I went to a baby shower, ate lunch, went shopping with my cousin, took a nap and then started getting ready for the date with Air Force guy. After showering, primping, make-up, actually working on my hair besides straightening it and finalizing the outfit. I was ready. Let's do this.

As soon as I told myself that, the Air Force guy was there. He came to pick me up. Nice of him. He brought me a bottle of water because the heat has been incredible hot here lately. Okay, that's nice too of him. He asked if which restaurant he had picked out was okay. Fine with me. Nice of him to ask.

We arrive at the restaurant. I'm nervous. He's talking a lot. I'm having a hard time paying attention because I'm worried about everything else going on. Did I put on deodorant? Perfume? What if it's too strong? I have make-up on right? No need to scare off anyone on the first time meeting them. Wait, is my dress too short? Crap. I forgot to shave that one part of my knee. Well that's embarrassing. All of this time, he's talking. Okay, what's he talking about now? Oh. All caught up.

I had been to that restaurant before and knew I was going to order the same thing. I need consistency, I knew I liked it, no need to try something new with someone new and not like either one.

We order. Both get salads. And the bread comes out. Now. The sit and talk part. I sat. He talked. I nodded. I'm not really sure what we talked about now. I know I did a lot of nodding. Maybe I asked too many questions. Maybe I didn't speak up enough. Maybe I was preoccupied that the guy beside us look a lot of one of the characters in 'Good Fellas.'

We sit and keep talking. Once we were done, we got up and left pretty swiftly. Got back in his truck. And he took me straight home. He did get out of the truck, open the door, gave me the side hug and said, "I'll be in touch." 

Be in touch? What does that mean? That the date went badly? Does that mean you're not going to call? Let's just decide this now. If you are going to be in touch I won't blog about you. If you aren't going to be in touch, then I'm totally going to tell this story. Which is it?

"Sounds good," I said.

I walked in my house, saw the time of 9:30 p.m. and sat on the couch for a second. What does one do at home on a Saturday night? Well...you can go out and meet up with people since you are dressed...or you can put on Good Fellas and call it a night. That's what I did.

So the date didn't go so well. He was nice. It wasn't a terrible date, it just obviously wasn't a great one. Those happen I guess. He hasn't been 'in touch' so I blogged about it.

I did learn a couple of things though:
1. Next time have more wine. Maybe I'll talk more.
2. No date on Saturday nights. I'll suck it up and do it on Friday nights.
3. Get dessert if it's going bad.
4. Next time I hear, 'I'll be in touch" go ahead a blog. Homeboy isn't calling. 

Live and learn.
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  1. I know is an old post,first of all you're gorgeous if a girl like you can't get a guy, what we the rest of us Expect!! Lol I'm replying you because I feel the same, I also suck on dating, my last day was a few days ago we went on 2 dates, and an the end of the second one, before leaving, he gave me a nervous smile, side-front hug, look back smile again, and give me the terrible "I'll be in touch."


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