Life Rule - 10 Min Pity Party

Life Rule - 10 Min Pity Party

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I don't really have a lot of life rules. Be kind. Have fun. Laugh everyday. That's about it. I know you can't control things that happen in life. I know that what happens is probably suppose to happen. I know that when the time is right, the right thing will happen.

But I do have one major rule.

A pity party can only last 10 min.

Bad dates. Bad hair days. Stressful work days. Flat tires. Three extra pounds on the scale.That moment of where is my life going? All can cause pity parties in my life. 

However, a pity party can last 10 min.

Why? Well, five minutes isn't long enough and anything more than 10 minutes you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Five minutes to cry. sulk. pout. yell. scream. give up. quit. throw your hands up in the air. reconsider what you're doing with your life. and just be mad.

After those five minutes, you get two minutes to compose yourself.

Dry up those tears. Stand up from pouting. Take back that you quit or you are giving up.

After the five minutes of your pity party, two minutes of sucking it up, you then get three minutes to figure out what to do next.

Bad day? Figure out why it was bad and how to fix it. Bad hair day? Wake your butt up 15 min earlier tomorrow and carry a pony tail holder. Flat tire? Well pumpkin, that's just life. Three extra pounds on the scale? Well, put on those walking shoes, sat down that cupcake and figure out that only you are responsible for you.

Did I have a pity party today? Yes. I did. I'm a girl. It happens.

I gave myself 10 minutes and got my act together.

I woke up late. Had bad hair day. Didn't like what I was wearing. Stressing myself out at work. Mad that the scale was up three pounds. And generally in an unplesant mood because I was letting myself be in one.

So. I gave myself five minutes of pity. Two minutes to suck it up. Three minutes to figure out what to do next.

Tonight I'll set out my clothes for in the morning, set my alarm 15 min earlier, drink extra water and not eat any orange sherbert for dessert and realize that things happen for a reason.

Next time you are having a pity party - time yourself to 10 min. It'll change your life.

I can promise you that.

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