My Life Is A Picture Book

My Life Is A Picture Book

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"Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart."

I'm pretty lucky to work with the people I do. We work hard. We play hard. And on Friday's we like to go to lunch together to discuss life in general. Though this picture is blurry and all over the place it kind of describes what's going on here - a hundred conversations, lots of interaction and everyone having a good time.

   Hello to my life lately. Two computers. TV. If only you could hear the music playing. I'm trying to stay on top of everything. All the time. Thank goodness for Sonic and their large drinks.
This might not be a big shocker to anyone who knows me (or the three of you that read this) but these are some of my 'normal' personality traits that were identified in a work-style-personality-test thing. It also said that I like music, enjoy writing (i.e. blog) and am pretty straight forward. No shocker there.

Something you only see in small towns? Tractors stopped at a red light. I do wish the small car behind it would drive through it like go-go-gadget though...

 It's so hot in Arkansas now the only place you can find people is at the lake. Otherwise, you just gotta stay inside.

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