Scaling Down

Scaling Down

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Today was the first day back to school for all the kids and teachers in the area. Now, this has no impact on me whatsoever until it comes to traffic. Since I drive through a school area, I know how wonderful the traffic is on the first day of school. 

Not wonderful at all. 

As I happily hopped out of bed this morning a little early to make sure I beat the traffic, (true story, I woke up REALLY happy) I did my morning routine. Brush teeth. Shower. Piddle Diddle. Brush my hair. Weigh...then that's where I stopped. 

I received a scale about five years ago from an ex bf for a Valentine's Day present (true story again). Back then, I didn't hold a grudge towards the scale. As I've been using this scale for the past five years, it's reminded me of: how the number on THIS scale affects my mood; how I've been living and breathing by what number is on THIS scale; how THIS scale has been from one town, to a city, back to a town, and back to a city. 

This scale is always three pounds heavier than any other scale. It beeps if you step off of it too quickly, and it has the audacity to tell you your body fat percentage. Honestly, it's the most judgmental thing in my life.

After seeing my glorious number this morning I had had it. I had had it with the beeping and talking back from a silly machine with a silly number. So what does a rational, professional, educated woman do? She jumps on it three times, kicks it twice and throws it back into the closet. Mature? Probably not. Worth it? Totally. 

I'm still in my great mood. I went on with my morning without any hitch. Applied the makeup, got dressed, took care of my dog, put breakfast together and headed to work to arrive at around 7:35 a.m. to beat that silly morning, school traffic now.

The scale might have thought it was going to win - but I won this one. Even though I'll probably end up buying a new scale, at least it and I will start out on good terms...unless it beeps at me.
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