Thank Goodness I'm Southern

Thank Goodness I'm Southern

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I just happened to watch parts of the CMT reality show Sweet Home Alabama last night (I had to watch something in-between commercials for the World Series) and it just left me saying, 'Thank God I'm Southern."

As I'm watching this show, they bring in a group of girls from the South for this bachelor and a group of girls from the North. Everyone has been wonderfully casted to play their part. My favorite line of the night was when a Southern girl looks at one of the ones from California, "Look how skinny they are! Do they eat?"

Don't get me wrong, Northerners, Westerners, and East Coast Folks are ALL great. Actually, some of the places I want to go the most right now, aren't in the South, but all over the U.S. It's just that when the day is over, this is the only place I want to be.

What makes the South so wonderful?

It's the people. It's the feeling. It's the comfort.

I've picked out my top three reasons I love the South (today).

2. Sunsets Like THIS
(Yes, we all get sunsets. But do you get them in a field?

3. I can say the word YA'LL.

By the way... I've been talking ALL week long about visiting wine country in California. Can I wear my boots?
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  1. I was raised a Southern California girl but have had the privilege of living in the south and I can't wait to move back. Boots in wine country? You bet! This is California...we wear what ever we want. :)


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