For All That I Am Thankful, My Friends I Am Most

For All That I Am Thankful, My Friends I Am Most

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I'm blessed.

Probably a lot more blessed than I should be.

I have a wonderful family.

The best of friends.

A job I absolutely love going to everyday.

And life experiences that teach me how to be a better person.

It's not luck. It's blessings. I think God must know that I couldn't do it alone.

I'm lucky to have so many people in my life, new and old, that I can count on and rely on for anything. Bad day? Call one of my friends. Need to go out for some fun? Call one of my friends.

Whether I've grown up with them, met them in college, or just in life, I have some of the best people in the entire world I can call my friends.

Though I may not see or talk to some of the friends I've grown up with everyday, things don't change.

Anytime we see each other things go right back to the way that they've always been. We may go through our ups and down, heres and theres, but stead fast and strong, these people will always be my friend.

What makes these people the greatest friends?

You can be silly.

Or sad. Or happy. Or mad.

They are there with you thick and thin,

because you'll be friends until the end.

I  even wrote a little poem about it...

To all my friends, near and far, 

I think of you often and hope you're happy wherever you are,

If you ever need a thing, just give me a ring,

It's the same cellphone number since I was fifteen,

I love you dearly, and miss you a ton,

Let's catch up and have a little fun by thinking about all the things we have done,

No matter what happens, please remember so, 

You're a wonderful person whom I'm lucky to know.

Thank you to all of my friends who make my life so wonderful.

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