All I Want for Christmas ... is Pie!

All I Want for Christmas ... is Pie!

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Thanksgiving Day I challenged myself to have a goal accomplished by Christmas Day. That goal was to be able to make homemade pie. A chocolate pie. So, once school was over for the semester and I had had a couple of days off to mentally prepare myself to make pie, I did. I made pie. 

I made a chocolate pie and a cherry pie. When one makes TWO homemade pies, the best idea is to take them to work to share with everyone else. (Otherwise my pants wouldn't have fit and they're getting a little right as it is...)

So this week ... that practice started. 
I tried the never-fail pie crust recipe on the back of W-R All Purpose Flour. 

Made the crust. 

 Made the pie.

Baked the pie.

Made a mess. 

Tried to make a chocolate pie and a cherry pie.

Brought both pies to work to share. 

Let someone else cut the pie.

Everyone ate the pie. 

How'd the pies turn out? Good. So good, that I"m going to make them again Christmas Day (I've worked on my crust some more) and I"ll share the recipes at that time. 

Happy Pie!
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