My Irrational Fear of Coconut

My Irrational Fear of Coconut

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Coconut. I feel like it's one of those things in life that you either love or hate. I remember the first time I remember not liking coconut. It was at a birthday party for a friend when we were around seven to 10 (Your guess is as good as mine right now.) As we are at the birthday party and playing games we are all having a good time. For one reason or another I had to leave early that day for a prior engagement. (Such the socialite I was between seven to 10, huh?) Anyways, as I'm leaving the party, my friends mother hands my mother a piece of cake. 

But this isn't any normal cake. This cake has white stuff on it. This cake looks like snow. Why was there snow on a cake? Had I had coconut before? No idea. But this is definitely my first memory of it. So, I looked at the cake on the paper plate with the saran wrap over it and just shake my head. We go do whatever else we had planned to do that day and take the cake home with us.

The plate sits on the bar with the coconut cake still just sitting there. I look at it. Try to figure out why someone would ruin a perfectly good piece of cake with all that stuff. That wasn't frosting. It wasn't sprinkles. It was weird. 

I look at the cake. I look away. I realize that IT IS CAKE. What was I doing? I get out a fork and think, it can't be that bad can it?

When you think, "It can't be that bad," you might as well set up yourself for disaster. It was that bad. The taste, the texture, the smell. Nope. Not happening. Luckily my dad likes coconut. *ewwwww*

So since I was between seven to 10 I have stayed far, far away from coconut ... until last week. Last week I was given a Santa sugar cookie with coconut. I figured it had been plenty of time since my last coconut indecent that I was mature enough to give it a try. So I did. I ate it all but the coconut part. Then I tried it. 

It wasn't as bad as I remember. It's still not something that I'm going to jump for joy, but maybe I won't cringe when I see it either. 

So maybe my irrational fear of coconut is now just a 'eh' feeling. Will I cook with it? No. Will I order it? Probably not. Will I continue on my path of destruction for its existence? Nah. I'll find something better to do now.

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