How Not To Get Into A Fight With A Smurf

How Not To Get Into A Fight With A Smurf

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I'm just kidding. I didn't really get into a fight with a Smurf. But, I did turn my finger blue. So blue, that it looks like I've been fighting Smurfs.

How does one turn their finger blue? Well, they do get into a fight with toilet bowl cleaner. Obviously this isn't the classiest post I've ever written, but it's an honest one. The truth is that I really like when the toilet water is blue. Why? I like the color blue. It means it's clean. And, it makes me feel like a good person. Today I had to go to Target for some headache/sinus medicine. As I'm walking around, a little bit spaced out, I end up in the cleaning isle. (probably a lucky move on my part.) There they were, 2000 Flushes toilet bowl duo cleaners on sale for $1.77. Sounded like a good deal to me so into the cart it went along with eyeliner and dishwasher detergent.

After arriving home and taking my allergy medicine, I decided to unwrap the 2000 Flushes and make the water blue. After reading the instructions, and removing the toilet bowl lid, I realized that there was already a cleaner in place that hung from the side. It just wasn't working anymore. thinking that it was empty, I used my hand to remove
It when it played a trick on me and decided to spill blue all over the wall, floor an my hand.

The wall and floor seamed to take it better than my now blue hand. On the bright side, my toilet water is blue once again.
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