Friday Cheats & Rice Krispies Treats

Friday Cheats & Rice Krispies Treats

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Every Friday at work now we have a small recognition meeting for an employe who has done something that has positively affected the work of our organization or the work of others. It's a quick pick-me-up to continue to work hard for the mission of the organization. Last Friday someone mentioned that it would be great if we had treats to which I agreed.

Then I volunteered to make the treats.

It was a great idea last Friday, but the reality last night was that it was going to be really hard for me to have time to make anything (1) new (2) difficult (3) time-consuming (4) still had work to do when I got home: when I didn't get home until after 6:30 p.m. from the gym. I left with the best of intentions of work yesterday with three different dessert ideas. Blueberry cheesecake bars. Lemon squares. Rice krispies treats.

Friday Treat Day & I Cheated.

Rice krispies treats won. Three ingredients. Quick. Easy. Except one thing, I had never made rice krispies treats. I just assumed they were easy.

To which you are saying right now, but it's so easy, just three ingredients.

Uh huh.

What happened? Well, I think my butter melted too much and evaporated, I used a pan that was too small, I didn't measure the marshmallows correctly, and I spilt rice krispies all over the floor. That's what happened. Also, I didn't make enough in the pan and it looked really, really sad this morning. So after the gym this morning, I went back to the grocery store to get more rice krispies to try it again. (I still passed out the other ones, but there was a BIG difference.)

What is prettier than marshmallows covered in butter?
What did I learn from this experience?
  1. It's okay to use more butter if you want to. There are no rules. 
  2. You should use a big pan for butter and marshmallows so that your marshmallows can actually melt.
  3. If you spray a piece of foil with cooking spray and then much the mixture in a dish, you won't get your hands dirty. 

Anyways, all is well that ends well. The new, improved rice krispies treat were popular and the boxed brownies were fine enough. Hopefully next week I can organize my Thursday where I can actually make the Blueberry cheesecake bars! 

Happy Friday!

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1 comment

  1. My dad has made Rice Krispie treats for as long as I can remember and he always taught us a big pot and extra marshmallows were key to yummy treats!

    Your blueberry cheesecake bars sound delicious!


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