Girls Night with a Side of Bubbly

Girls Night with a Side of Bubbly

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Wednesday night was girls night with all my work friends. I feel really lucky that I work with so many people that I also call my friends. We spend countless hours each week together, but still decide to spend time together after work hours.

Last night we celebrated girls night be heading the The Capital Hotel downtown in Little Rock. They have a great bar and grill with delicious drinks and great food.

Here was our night...

  This is Kelly. 

Kelly ordered a fancy drink with a flower. She also likes to 
salsa dance, keep up with current events, and she is going to climb
Kilimanjaro soon. 

 Cheers to Kelly and her fancy drink! 

This is my glass. Why champagne?

Because with all the crazy in the world sometimes
you just have to celebrate that in general, life is good.

This is Allison.

Allison is like my sister-by-another-mister. It's amazing how we fight like crazy, but always
seem to make up in the end. She's drinking some sort of Gin martini I believe. She's also showing her sassy side. 

Cheers to Allison and her martini! 

This is Falguni.

Falguni is originally from Atlanta (where we like to reminisce about the things we miss.)
Falguni is going to help me create a meal plan for two weeks because I'm very bad at it.
She's also having a battle with Comcast right now over her Internet. It's not good.

Cheers to Falguni!

This picture is for three reasons:
1. Falguni said I had to be in a picture. 
2. I wanted to show off my one blue nail. 
3. It looks like I'm trying to eat the champaign instead drink it. 

The Capital Bar & Grill are known for a couple of things.

Spicy pimento cheese happens to be one of them.

This is Brooke (and Allison)

Brooke just announced that she's going to have a baby! Her second child.
She's very excited and we are very excited for her.

Cheers to Brooke!
(Have no fear, it was just water)

Showing some love. 

Smiling pretty. 

Another fancy drink from Kelly.

This actually was a good drink.

This picture is blurry, I know.

Still learning the camera and all.

But I just knew you'd want to see a blurry picture of my pork chop. 

Also the BLT and burger.

The BLT is delish by the way. 

I've gotten it before. It's good.

It was a great night with great friends.

And great wine. 

What more can you ask for on a Wednesday?
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  1. That looks like a really fun night! There's nothing like a girl's night in the middle of the week.


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