My Old Hobby is Now My New Hobby

My Old Hobby is Now My New Hobby

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My new camera is here! After weeks (okay, months) of trying to decide which camera I wanted to save up for - I finally did it. I bought the Nikon D5100.

When I was a youngin, I was really, really into photography, but as I grew up, it seems like time passed me by and I just didn't make the time for it anymore. Well, now that I have more free time (school is still out for the summer) I needed something to do. So why not pick up something that I use to really enjoy.

Did you know that I even photographed a wedding once in high school? I did.

This weekend was busy with plans and such, but I did take a couple of pictures around my parents house of my dog ... and flowers ... and tomatoes. 

Hopefully I'll have more time to practice later.

This is Copper. He's not my dog, but he's really good at looking at the camera.

This is Lucy. She is my dog. 
She's also sticking out her tongue and not looking at me. 

The result of my dad emptying his pockets.

Some of my mother's flowers.

I think they need some water.

And, my dad's garden. 

I had some of these tomatoes for breakfast. 

So, no, my photography skills aren't amazing, but ya gotta practice on something! 

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