Weekend Recap: Sleeping, Shopping & Studying

Weekend Recap: Sleeping, Shopping & Studying

After being sick for two straight weeks, I knew this weekend I was going to do one thing. Take it easy. The most I had on my plate was to study, do a little laundry, take a nap and just hang out. And that's exactly what I did. Friday afternoon when I left work it came a torrential downpour to which I decided that staying inside all night would be exactly what I needed to do. So I did. Though friends were going out on the town, I skipped. I was asleep by 10:30 p.m. on  Friday night and I was more than happy to be. 

I slept in until 9:15 a.m. Saturday morning. I guess I really was tired. I opened the fridge to see what was available (I'm determined to eat the food that I have in my kitchen so I'll stop wasting money buying food then decided to eat out.) I had all of the fixins' to make an omelette. 

One problem, I've never made an omelette. 

I'm not that great at cooking eggs to be honest. 

Or taking pictures with my iPhone.

Once the hysteria of the new iPhone dies down, I'm also going to get it. 

Though it's not that pretty, it's my first attempt at making an omelette. 

It wasn't pretty, but it was delicious. And extremely filling. 

Saturday afternoon I went to do a little shopping. I saw this dress online at Loft and thought that it would look nice in my closet. 

It was also 40% off. 

Saturday afternoon consisted of: 
- Watching my friend Allison plant plants 
- Shopping
- Watching part of the Arkansas/Alabama game
- Napping around 
-Doing a little cleaning

And helping Allison pick out shoes for an event she has to attend. 

I'm teaching her little girl fun heels to wear one day. 

Saturday night was full of friends, shuffleboard, and going home at a decent hour. 

Sunday after all was full of this ... 

Sitting outside listening to it rain, 

And reading for school. 

Fun, huh?

I did do a little cooking for the week. 

Since I have class during the week, it's nice to already have meals put together. 

And a little steamed broccoli for when I get home from class. 

Happy Monday! 
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  1. Thank you! It will be really cute w/boots!

  2. I think the eggs look like a tadpole---you can see the eye, and the little leg on the bottom side of the picture. What do you think?


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