Africa: The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya

Africa: The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya

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Kenny (my co-worker) and I had most of today off from working to rest and make sure we weren't too jet-lagged. While we had a little free time, we went to the Giraffe Centre just outside of Nairobi. I took my new, good camera to practice a little and make sure I get a picture that I can be proud of. The giraffes were really, really pretty.

Here is the entrance of the Giraffe Center. It costs about 1000 shillings, which equals to about $12 US dollars. 

Their vision and mission of their centre. You can walk up stairs to a balcony area to get up close and personal with the giraffes. Since it was Friday afternoon, lots of school children were running around enjoying seeing the giraffes.

When we first got there, all of the giraffes were out in the field. You can see one of their little heads. Except it's not to little when you get up close...

They needed a little persuasion to come to the balcony area. But if someone was carrying a bucket of food around in front of me, most of the time I could be persuaded to walk as well.

There they are! Hey guys! The one on the left is Willie. The one on the right I think is Fred.

Or I named him Fred.

Willie was the first to come up to the balcony, of course, there was more food for him there. I really feel like Willie would stop just so people could take his picture. Every now and then he'd turn his head a little to the right, then the left. He knew what he was doing. 

Oh... more food you have for me?

Such a lovely creature, and so tall!

Strike a pose! 

Then this little fella came running up. A hogwart. Maybe not the most angelic creature, but it had a really good time running around. 

Though this trip really hasn't started, I am going to keep reminding myself...

Always see the Giraffe through the trees. 

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