Africa: Never Drink Too Much Water Before A Car Ride

Africa: Never Drink Too Much Water Before A Car Ride

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Today was my second full day in Africa and we went to visit the Kabiyet region outside of Eldoret, Kenya. Did you know that all of the famous runners come from Eldoret? True story. The landscape of Kabiyet was absolutely gorgeous. Because it's the rainy season, the grass and tress were green, the mountains were beautiful, and the sky was filled with clouds during the day. 

 Today we went to visit field projects in the Kabiyet region. The stories that I heard were really amazing, but I need to save those for the Heifer blog...

I did meet these three little boys who were so curious as to what we were doing in their village. All they wanted to do was pose for the camera. Pros these young men are at posing. The youngest was a character and kept making faces, so of course, we had to keep clicking.

And then this happened. In my effort to not get dehydrated, I become overly hydrated and had to use the facilities that were available. So I did. After all, I am a girl from an Arkansas small-town. There have been times that I have done the exact same thing, just without three walls and a door.

This was a breeze.

Say Hi to the new momma cow on the right - she just gave birth about three days ago and she's already up and walking around. Ain't no rest for the momma cows...

Today's blog is short - It's 8:35 p.m. here and I've been up since 4 a.m. This little heifer needs some sleep.
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