A Little Update About Life

A Little Update About Life

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When I lost my friend Matt a couple of weeks ago, I lost a piece of myself, too. So the past few weeks have just been filled with friends, having fun again, and learning to let go of the sadness. (I wrote about Matt here.)

Luckily, I have some pretty amazing people in my life who not matter rain or shine, will always be there. In a month one of my best friends is getting married... I'm so excited for her and her wedding day! (AND, my bridesmaid dress!) We all got to pick out our own dresses and I am absolutely in love with mine. Who gets to say that? We had a shower for her a couple of weekends ago and we had a blast. We all hung out all day and continued the party that night. I love any good celebration.

Maegan Clark
Bride and bridesmaids 

Maegan Clark
The Bride and I. Friends for like 11 years now. Whoa. 
In the month of May I have determined to make it all about movies. Since school keeps me pretty busy during the semester, and this summer is jam-packed with activities, I figured I might as well enjoy my downtime. What better way than with movies? So far I think I've watched ... Mud ... Iron Man 3 ... Avengers (had to catch up) ... and I still have plans for ... The Purge ... Great Gatsby ... and 42. 

I hope to see 42 this week, but I'm running low on friends who will go see movies. Apparently they are movied out. Lame. 

Maegan Clark

This past weekend was time for a good ole Southern get-together. When you grow up in a small-Southern town, all your friends feel like family. It's good to be with friends/family.

Also, all the stress of the past month has helped me lose like 12 pounds. Hello skinny jeans.
(Maybe not the best way to lose weight, but life happens, and you have to deal, and if you have to deal a little skinnier, then okay... I won't complain about that.)

Maegan Clark

We all had a really good time. Music, food and happiness. What more can you really ask for? Sometimes when bad things happen in life, it gives you a new perspective on everything else.

We even had fireworks Saturday night. 

I LOVE FIREWORKS. I think they're beautiful, romantic and inspiring.

They are also make the sky sparkle. Who doesn't love a little sparkle?

Tonight I'm taking it easy. There is so much coming up in the next few weeks (hopefully a lot of good to share) that tonight seemed like a good night to just relax, catch up on blogging, and not worry about everything.

Hopefully with this break from school I can also get back to the kitchen... if I know where that still is or how to use it? Time to find new recipes!

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