Friday's Favorite Things

Friday's Favorite Things

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Happy Friday to all! Going through my makeup back and purse I realized there are some things that I really couldn't live without so when you love something you should share. Oprah may have started this trend... but I'm going to continue it.

Here some of my favorite things today.

L'oreal Magic Skin B.B. Cream

I've blogged about this stuff before... but I wear this EVERYDAY. 
Love isn't enough a strong enough word.  

Oakley Women's Necessity Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

I just recently purchased these after having a bad day. Bad days are bad, but great for the economy.
These have become my favorite. Not only are they great for running, but I just like to wear them all the time now. I bought mine on Amazon. 

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Face Wash

Purity Made Simple by Philosphy has to be the best face wash out there. It's light, cleans and no strong odors  It's one of my favs. You can get it on the Philosophy website. 

Happy Friday! 

(p.s. all opinions and decisions are my own - this is stuff I use daily)

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