Friday's Favorite Things

Friday's Favorite Things

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A Friday or two ago I shared a couple of my favorite things that I have or use. So I thought I would do it again. It's fun enough, right?

Wet n' Wild Cherry Frost Lipstick
A couple of weeks ago I needed some lipstick for an event. Seeing how I cannot find my $20 Two Faced Lipstick that I bought for NYE I decided to go the cheaper route. By cheaper I mean cheap. $1. I went to a drug store and spent $1 on Wet n' Wild lipstick in Cherry Frost. I absolutely love it.

I have been reading Shape Magazine for about 9 years. To me it's one of the best women's fitness and lifestyle magazines for any age. Fun exercises  delicious recipes and actual stories to read. This is my favorite magazine to receive in the mail! 

To be honest, I'm not that big on coconut water, but I do love Zico. It's great to throw into smoothies, mix with protein powders or after a run. The Zico website has all of the benefits, but trust me, it's worth it to try. 

*Note: These are my favorite things, no ads or anything. Just sharing what I like. 

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