Let #CMAfest 2013 Begin!

Let #CMAfest 2013 Begin!

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In 2010 and 2011, my Atlanta besties, Lauren, Courtney, Melissa and I all went to the Country Music Festival in Nashville, TN. Though we skipped 2012 because Courtney went and had a baby, we packed up our boots and headed to the country music capital for another year of boot-scootin-fun. From Little Rock to Nashville it's an easy 5-hour drive. (It could take you less but I had to stop and there was traffic...) 

The first night we go somewhere we like to do it big and fancy for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Kayne Prime that is part of the MStreet Nashville restaurant group. What was the first drinks we ordered when we got there? Well, champagne of course! 

I do love champagne. The older I get the more I love it. 

Melissa and I love a good bestie picture. We have been friends for six years now... and there's no way she's getting rid of me now! 

So, the food was SO good that I totally skipped the picture once it arrived. I had steak, mac & cheese, some kind of corn brulée, delish tuna, and blake kale salad. It was seriously a good meal. 

If only I hadn't been such a porker and remembered to take a picture. 

I did remember to take a picture of the birthday cake shot. Taste just like birthday cake!

Lauren invited her old boss and we also had an old friend of Lauren, Courtney and Melissa's join us. 

Totes fun. 
(Totally fun)

Can't celebrate a (late) birthday without some sort of candle! 
Thanks, Kayne Prime! 

Another group shot outside of the restaurant.
I would go back there any day.

We hurried down the LP Field in Nashville to make sure we saw Luke Bryan. 

Lauren and I had to shake it to the birds and shake it to the bees for Luke.

Big crowd. Fuzzy Picture. 

No night in Nashville after CMA Fest without a hot dog. 
I'm a ketchup, mustard and relish girl. 

Time to get ready for night 2... 
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