Summer 2013 Running Playlist

Summer 2013 Running Playlist

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Running. One of those activities you either love to do or you love to hate. Personally, I love to hate it. Running isn't fun to me. I don't look forward to it or get excited when it's time to go. On the flip side, I do respect running for what it does.

Clear your head.  Makes you move.  Make your butt smaller.

All three things that I personally need from time to time. Plus, nothing feels better sometimes than running and realizing how great it feels to be DONE afterwards. Hashtag hallelujah!

I cannot run without music. Though my playlist are a bit pop, it gets me moving because it's so catchy I forget what I'm doing when I'm singing along in my head.

Here's my Summer 2013 Running Playlist on Spotify.


Any good songs that I'm missing?
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