Best Pieces at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Best Pieces at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

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While in New York last week for work, we had free time on Thursday night after we got done with our event to do a little sightseeing. Luckily for me, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was open until 8 p.m. Since we didn't get done with work until around 6, we still had plenty of time to hop over to see it. 

I had never been to the MoMA in my handful of trips to NYC. I had always wanted to go and was literally jumping up and down when I realized that it stayed open late for summer hours. Sometimes even my luck amazes me. 

The MoMA has all types of exhibits... sculptures, contemporary art, abstract pieces, photography and paintings. Though I am not at art expert by any means, photography and paintings have always, always been my favorite.   

Hey MoMA! 

If only I had a video of HOW excited I was to actually visit. I have this nerdy love for museums. 
(I'm trying to plan a trip to Dallas to visit the new Perot Museum of Nature and Science!)

This piece is actually made out of bottle caps. I loved this piece for some reason. Again, I am NO art expert, but when you like something, you like it. Here is a brief description that they had to offer about this piece: 

"This shimmering sheet is composted of liquor-bottle caps and seals discarded by Nigerian disterllieries. Ansatsui and his assistants have flattened, folded, and carefully linked the pieces together with copper wire, creating a simple repetition of forms on a grand scale.

For Anatsui, bottle caps represent "the material which was there at the beginning of the contact between two continents" 

Sometimes life gets crazy. Now, I don't have the 'name' of this piece, but it kind of makes me feel about what your past looks like. Again, no art expert, but I like to imagine things and this is what I imagine. 

To me this piece looks like a past. THe memory of things on top of each other, some memories very visual and full, while others are just glimpses. 

This piece probably has nothing to do with that... but a girl can makeup her own story. 

Now, this piece is actually how I feel most days. I see a person with two hands trying to get a lot done. There are obstacles, people, life, feelings, and everything else going on. 

Again, just imagining. 

I had always had a bit of a like for Andy Warhol, but I feel like now he might be my person. He is known for his pop art pieces that I think are so much fun. It's not too serious (to me), but it's a lot of fun to see and be around. 

Plus, what blonde doesn't like a good Marilyn piece?

You can actually get lost looking at this piece. To think that this can be done by anyone is incorrect. (I am only saying that because I heard an art expert say that.) She discussed that for a piece like this it actually takes time and planning. To make the colors even, to layer, and to describe the feeling, it takes an experience artist. 

Now, I know the art expert lady was probably very right, but there is something interesting about this piece. I stood in front of it for a while just starring at it. What do you think this conveys? 

I had the best seat of house for this piece. Sometimes you have to just stare at art to really appreciate it. 

Plus, I like the color red. 

This another piece of Warhol. Kind of makes you want soup, huh? 

That's my non-expert art opinion about the best pieces I saw at the MoMA. Though I may be just a art looker, I do have an appreciation for people who can create and vision and then make it happen. 

Happy Thursday! 
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