Little Rock Food Truck: Southern Gourmasian

Little Rock Food Truck: Southern Gourmasian

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As you get older there are things you learn to appreciate.

Good fashion.

Your mother's advice.

Delicious food.

However, when your mother tells you that you are getting too old to take fashion risks (like the pink dress pictures) that isn't always the most fun to hear.

Also, when your mother tells you that the dress looks like we could just patch three dresses together for the same look ... not the best.

Needless to say I did not buy that dress even though I am somewhat in love. What else is good about getting older? Really appreciating good, quality food.

Like The Southern Gourmasian food truck in Little Rock. 

As food trucks become more and more popular in Little Rock, AR, (Yay!) they are raising the bar and quality of the food that is served. Here's how you know you are eating good food, the quality, ingredients and amount leave you filled and satisfied. That's exactly what the Southern Gourmasian provides.

Here is there description from their website:

 The Southern Gourmasian brings you a tasty alternative to fast food.  High quality and affordable - all of our food is made from scratch on the truck daily by chef Justin Patterson! All of our delicious bread is from the fantastic and local Boulevard Bread Co.  We will always avoid pre-made frozen food and will bring you fresh food to fit into your healthy lifestyle. We have found a love for delicious, real food that we want to share with everyone! 

Today for lunch I had the Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Sriracha Lime Butter. 

Does this make you hungry? Because it should. The homemade pickles are also delish. There are lots more food trucks in Little Rock to mention, but I thought I would start with this one. 

To find where they are each day either like their Facebook page, or check out their Twitter feed. 

Food trucks and social media ... like my own personal heaven. 

I may not be able to pull off that pink dress, but at least I can enjoy good food. 
(By the way, I totally did order pleather pants for the fall... Sorry, mom.) 
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