Beach Getaway: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Beach Getaway: Hilton Head, South Carolina

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The second week of my birthday week extravaganza, I went to Hilton Head, SC, with one of my best friends Melissa from Atlanta. We decided that we needed a girls trip to the beach. Hilton Head is a five-hour drive from Atlanta so it made sense to us to head that way! 

This is a picture I sent out via SnapChat of the gorgeous view we had from our room. We stayed at the Sonesta Hotel. It's a lovely hotel that's right on the beach. 

The Hilton Head beach was CLEAN and GORGEOUS. 

Melissa and I enjoying our first day walking on the beach. 

The beach at sunset was also gorgeous. There was a guy who played the guitar on the beach, kids running to find seashells and lots of couples walking up and down the beach. 

I, of course, just found a happy spot to sit in to sip my white wine that I and brought with me while the sun went down. 

The first night we went to dinner at The Fabulous Frankie Bones. It's a wonderful steakhouse that was only about 10 minutes from our hotel. 

This was the Caprese salad that dreams are made of. 

I kept busy on SnapChat (username: maeganclark) the entire time on the trip! 

Our second night we went to a restaurant called CQ's Restaurant. It's the first restaurant built on the island. There's even a rumor of a blue woman ghost that roams the area... 

CQ's Restaurant also gave us a couple of Moscow Mules. Very sweet of them! 

Though you can't tell what this is - it's oysters with butter, parmesan cheese and a lot of other delicious things. 

If there is a caprese salad that's what I am getting! 

For dinner we had a ahi tuna that I forgot to take a picture of because it was so good we just dug right in. 

Our last day we went to eat at a local spot that had the BEST GUMBO I have ever eaten! 

Saturday night we went to one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta called JCT Kitchen and Bar. This drink was called the "Pursuit of Happiness."It was a gin martini with basic and other things. 

The face you make when you drink all your happiness. 

JCT Kitchen and Bar has some of the BEST food - this was a steak tuna tartare and a pimento cheese with crackers. 

One of JCT Kitchen and Bar's best food item is their truffle & parmesan fries. They are so good. Every time I go to Atlanta I have to have these fries. 

That was our trip! We had a great time and it was sad for it to end. 

On to the next one! 

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