Happy 4th of July Canoeing down Spring River!

Happy 4th of July Canoeing down Spring River!

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The 4th of July is my third favorite holiday right behind Christmas and my birthday. There's something about celebrating your freedom in the summertime that just feels right. For the second year in a row, we went canoeing down Spring River in Mammoth Springs, AR. 

We stayed at the Southfork Resort last year and again this year. It's a great little spot with clean cabins, lots of outdoor space and they make it really easy to rent kayaks, canoes and rafts. 

We had seven people in a six bedroom cabin - All we did was sleep in the cabin so it wasn't bad. 

The cabins have a little kitchen with a sink, stove, microwave and table. They also have tv with cable in case you want to watch tv. Cell phone reception is spotty but that's OK - I didn't really want to be on my phone anyway. 

We kayaked on Friday (no photos because taking my phone seemed a bit dangerous) but it was a 12-mile kayak trip where it ended up raining pretty hard on us at one point. Though it was fun! 

On Saturday we all went canoeing down the Spring River.  

As soon as we got on the river we took a little break - to grab a drink ... or two. 

It was pretty much all smiles throughout the day. Though a couple of the guys tipped over once, everyone made it through deadman's curve with ease. Though we did see a couple of arguments on the river from people who tipped... 

We stopped for lunch by a camping area and even enjoyed some Bray Gourmet turkey spread! 

It's soooooooo good. On crackers, on a sandwich, even just with chips. It's really that good. 

We got on the river around 11 I believe and floated and canoed until 6 that evening. It was a long day - but a really fun day. 

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July like we did! 

(We (or mainly I) roasted s'mores both nights but forgot to snap a picture! They were too good not to eat immediately! 

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