My Dramatic Bedroom Makeover

My Dramatic Bedroom Makeover

Before we begin, I feel like I need to say that commitment to life-long things has been hard for me. Also, I have completely obsessive tendencies where I need things to be just right and perfect. 

No, this is not a therapy session between my blog and me. It's to help you understand why I had been living in the same non-designed space for the past 5 years. When I graduated college and moved to Atlanta I had all of my college furniture and I was OK with that for the time. When I moved back to Arkansas a few years later I started to upgrade my couch, tv stands, dining table, and small things. The one room that I hadn't touched at all was my bedroom. Besides the king-size bed my mom bought me for Christmas one year, that's the only thing I had really done. 

Needless to say ... this is what my bedroom has looked like lately: 

So. A blog is meant to be what you want it to be and well... my in always honest of what's going on in my life. This was my bedroom. No headboard, two mix-matched nightstands, and two lamps from college. 

A tv stand that most people use for their garage storage. It had a cool look to it when I was 19. Now that I'm 29 I think it's time to mature a bit. 

After living in this space for 5 years I've realized it's time to make an investment in myself. (That's the excuse I always say when I know I'm about to spend some money...) Invest in yourself! 

My budget was $1,000. 
(I had been saving around for about two years and wasn't sure what to do with the money, but knew it was going to be spent on a bedroom set or a Louis Vuitton bag. Maybe later fancy bag.)  

My new bedroom sanctuary! It's such a beautiful space (maybe artless) but I'm so happy! 

Headboard - $150 from Wayfair 
End tables - $300 from 
Lamps - $140 from Target 

This is the new dresser that has made watching TV much more ascetically pleasing. 

Dresser - $400 from Cost Plus Furniture in Little Rock. 

Headboard - $150 
End tables - $300 
Lamps - $140
Dresser - $400

I did everything under budget with $10 to spare. 

To add the cherry to the top, I even made myself a little personal jewelry vanity area! 

I feel like I am living in a completely different space that makes me so happy and grateful. I worked hard to save the money (when I could have spent it on a lot of frivolous things), and worked hard to find things that fit within budget. 

This was a fun project over the past few weeks that had a lot of hiccups but that's what makes it fun. 

Let me know, and I can do more of an detailed post about what I bought. There's still more to be done at some point, but today, I am content. 

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  1. I love, love, love it!! Your room looks like it came out of a catalog. Very awesome.

  2. Nice job. Sometimes you do need to change your personal space. I think this was better than the bag. =)

  3. Your new room is beautiful! I love those lamps, and that dresser is beautiful.


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