Trying HelloFresh for the First Time

Trying HelloFresh for the First Time

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Have you heard of HelloFresh? It's one of the popular services that sends you the recipes with the fresh ingredients to your doorstep. Literally, to your door.

When you open the box all of your ingredients are boxed up per recipe. This makes it SO easy to grab one out to cook. You don't have to go through your fridge, cabinets or to the grocery store to grab anything. It's all right there for you. 

Sunday night we decided to make the Southerwestern Chicken Sausage Chili. 

If you notice, all of the ingredients are there along with the easy-to-follow recipe. 

It's your job to prep and cook! It's actually pretty fun to do as a activity with your person (significant other, partner in crime, bestie, kiddo, or another hungry person). 

This recipe had a lot of chopping - but the challenge didn't scare me. 

Once you have everything prepped the cooking part is a cinch! 

HelloFresh even sends the spices! It really couldn't be easier. 

So much steam in this photo! 

Time to let this boil and simmer before we add the cooked sausage.

The finished product! All of the food pictured was included so even presentation is a breeze. 

HelloFresh couldn't be easier. It's about $70 for three meals for two people. You can pick your three meals each week for the next. 

Use my referral code XEUNNK for $40 off your first box! That's three meals for $10! 

(This post is not sponsored. My opinions & thoughts only.)
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